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Dr. Lisa graduated from Fairfield University with a Bachelor in Arts in Psychology. She also graduated with her Masters in Counseling from the University of Phoenix and is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She is a Doctor of Psychology from Saybrook Graduate School & Research Center. Currently, she holds certifications as an Access Conscious Certified Facilitator® and 3 Day Body Class Facilitator® and Master ThetaHealer from Think®.

Her life’s mission is to eliminate all forms of abuse and trauma off this planet. She is a dynamic, funny, energetic being who resides and hosts workshops in Dallas, Texas, as well as around the globe.

As a leading authority on thriving after trauma, Dr. Lisa is a catalyst for change, dedicated to assisting others to become aware of their true power, strength, and courage and to identify their genuine purpose to thrive.

After uncovering and unlocking the invisible cage that was holding her down, Dr. Lisa developed a powerful and impactful workshop series - ROAR - to live your Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality which teaches others how to identify and break through the limitations of implanted beliefs and layers of trauma be it physical, emotional or financial. 

Her sessions are a safe place to explore one’s past truths and learn the tools for a healthier future. She’s found that success, money, health and loving relationships flow naturally when you free yourself from past traumas and beliefs.   .

Dr. Lisa works with clients who are struggling with different area of their lives such as health, relationships, money, business and trauma. 

  • Are you experiencing any forms of anxiety, overweight, illness, anger, stress, insomnia, fear, nightmares, sadness, depression, procrastination, self-criticism…
  • Are you reproducing the financial marriage of your parents?
  • Have you been a victim of abuse either as a child or a growing up?

The story of Dr. Lisa is a powerful example of thriving beyond abuse. After having lived 20 years of mental, emotional, sexual, financial and physical abuse in her life, she overcame the traumatic events and was able to get out of the cage of abuse she was locked into. 

She created a methodology called R.O.A.R - Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality that she now teaches all around the world. Her life mission is to eliminate and eradicate any form of abuse in people’s and children’s lives.  

She is the best tool you will ever have if you choose to thrive beyond the abuse of your life and desire to create a different reality. 

Work With Dr. Lisa: Are You Ready To Live Your ROAR?

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Living Your ROAR

Change your life radically, become a ROAR practitioner or choose to be an Instructor. You will receive a powerful toolbox to empower YOU and your clients to transform their lives and live Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality. You are just one choice away.

Online Classes

Dr. Lisa offers a variety of classes online, whether it's about money, relationships, health, business, the capacity of receiving and dissipating judgments or how to break free from your daily struggles. The question is, are your ready to uplevel your life?

World Class Tours

Dr. Lisa facilitates classes all around the globe. She offers live classes, trains the ROAR Practitioners and future ROAR Instructors. She contributes to many businesses and indiviuals choosing more possibilities in their lives. 

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Client Success Stories:

Here's what our clients are saying about Dr. Lisa.


"My life changed big time with the 11 days of energy pull I did with Dr. Lisa Cooney... I'm being able to perceive, know, be and receive more of me than I was ever before (how did I get so lucky ?) and also I'm having this intense and palpable/touchable sensation of my 2020 being even greater than I ever could imagine. Thank you! 

Tomas, Argentina

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