Being Friends with Our Bodies

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2021




"Do you ever feel like you are at war with your body?" 

- Dr. Lisa Cooney


The War Inside

Judging our bodies, ignoring our bodies’s desires, and putting other people’s needs ahead of our own - often to the point of starving ourselves of physical comfort - these are symptoms of disconnection from our own physical well-being. 

Sometimes we are in sustained war with ourselves, even. 

I see this all the time. I see it in clientele, and I see it in the world around me.


Our Feelings Manifesting in Our Bodies

Often the hard feelings of abuse produce a divorce from our bodies. 

We’re invisible when the abuse occurs, and we stay unfeeling like we’re still invisible, like we don’t matter. 

We stay in judgmental, black-and-white insistence about reality. 

Is it any surprise that comes out in how we treat our bodies? 

“Hey! Hey, body! You’re too fat, body! Time to shape up!” 

And then we commence a painful diet (that doesn’t even work).


The Body Is Wisdom

 Our bodies have goodness and wisdom to speak to us. It’s crucial we listen. 

That means it’s crucial we abandon judging our bodies - and the way to get there is to realize the judging comes from hard feelings. 

Maybe those feelings are rooted in abuse, or maybe they’re from another trauma, loss, or tragedy. 

Learning to communicate with your body and ask what it needs creates immediate growth and change for the better. 

Yes! You can straight-up ask, "Hi body! What do you need right now?" 

Believe me. Your body will respond. This is a great start to prioritizing our own needs.


You’re in Luck 

I have good things coming up for collaborating with the body, with your body. 

The famous Three-Day Body Class starts June 18! It’s going on in Mexico, and I urge you to come! 

It’s like a couples retreat, except the couple is YOU and YOUR BODY. Come together and fall in love again! 

And the Symphony Taster, available online, is also coming up. 

Remember, this is the place to clarify your ASK...and immediately begin allowing the universe to generate your request. 

For your body, what is your deepest intention? 

Is it a new level of health? 

A new level of fitness? 

A new level of loving acceptance? 

A change in something physical? 

How about living IN and WITH your body? 

Remember, these are available to you IF you so choose

One final note: how lucky am I that I may get to hug you - really hug you…? 

I can’t wait! I know you’re excited too.

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