Choosing Your Financial Reality

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"Are you creating the $$$ you truly desire in your life?" 

- Dr. Lisa Cooney


How good can your financial well-being get? 

How do your finances make you feel? 

What if you have much more of a say in how finances go for you? 

Consider the words of Andrea, a participant in CREATING YOUR FINANCIAL REALITY - a two-day class - COMING UP JULY 6 and 7.


Andrea’s Shift 

At the beginning of 2020 I did not have a sustainable income - money was a constant worry. 

Dr. Lisa was offering a nine-week program about money. I thought, “well, it certainly wouldn’t hurt!” 

Actually, I had several thousand Euros to pay back between a loan and my credit cards.


Finding Courage to Pursue Something Real 

After the program I had the courage to look at my debt and create a real working plan. 

I focused on the following questions: “what do I really want?“ and “what am I going to do to get it?“  

I listed all incoming and outgoing money in a spreadsheet, and calculated what it would take to pay it off in the shortest amount of time.  It reminded me of when I moved to Vienna, Austria, to study architecture. I had a notebook where I wrote down every single penny I spent - and at that time I did not have money issues. 

Following Dr. Lisa’s steps allowed me to pay off my debts within three (!!) months - not ten months, like the bank estimated. 

And I even started to put 10% of all my income into a savings account.  This account was just to acknowledge myself. I put another 5% into a “surprise account” for the unexpected, and another 5% into an account to build some capital. 

A year (and more classes) later I have a nice financial foundation. 

The gold nuggets I received from Creating Your Financial Reality are:


  • know what you want
  • know the experience you want to make
  • know what you’re going to do to get it
  • know your incoming and outgoing sums on a daily basis


It’s All in Your ASK to Actualize 

Change starts with becoming aware of who and what you are being with money, then choosing if that works for you TODAY. 

It’s likely it doesn't, and today is the moment to create the possibility of a new reality. 

Act differently. Be something with your money that’s more true to you.


For example, be generous even if you feel constricted around money. 

Be kind even though you’re concerned about your debt. 

Offer a hug when you desire to react 

And, most importantly, love yourself one degree more each moment of every day. 

Remember you deserve ALL good! Not some, not a little, but all good. 

And get creating your financial reality! You might just prosper... 

That’s what we’re up to in Creating Your Financial Reality.

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