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"Do you ever feel overwhelmed just opening the refrigerator?!" 

- Dr. Lisa Cooney


Refrigerator Confrontations 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed just opening the refrigerator?! 

I get it! 

That was me for so long… “I don’t know what to do with that food… Let’s do some Oreos instead!” 

Or how about a one-pound meatball? That was a recipe left over from my mom. We ate everything “family style,” and that portions! Screw the portions! 

I don’t think I chewed food until my 30s. Straight inhaling! 

You know the results. It was discomfort, a myriad of illnesses, overweight. 

Eventually it led me to new food decisions. Through trial and error, I’ve learned a few things.


Finding My Way With Food 

First off, I love COLOR. It just brings me joy. It starts feeding me before I even put something in my mouth! 

I’m not someone who’s a great chef, and I had to acknowledge that. Having a commitment to harmony with my body - listening quietly, and getting in tune with what my body likes - led me to seek help making those foods. I actually hired someone to help with nutrition decisions. 

And the education went on. Listening in, I realized my body likes light things. 

I love soup with spinach, that’s a great example. My body just shifts: ‘ooooh, I like that.’ 

Or sometimes it’s a fish and potato. I make sure they’re apportioned, and ready and waiting in the fridge. 

A third thing I learned was I’m a grazer. I like a little at a time, and I return for another few bites as the day continues. 

A fourth thing I learned is that I love spreads. That means hummus, and even spreads I make at home with a Thermomix. 

I used to think I love heavy, bulky food. During my childhood it was always pasta, bread, hero sandwiches, sausage - don’t even get me started about pizza. That was my go-to dish, as many slices as I could pile in. It’s a New York thing.


Outside to Inside 

You know how I’d sum up my journey with eating? 

I went from outside to inside. That was all I had to do! “Body, what would you like to eat?” 

I also listened when my body turned sluggish after a meal, or even after a specific food. 

Beforehand I was doing the opposite. I adjusted my body to whatever someone put in front of me. 

Getting right with food and health might be simpler than you think.  Just listen in and ask the body… 

Let me know how it goes for you!

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