Fears, Anxieties, Phobias, Panic Attacks: Do They Have Power Over You?

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"What fear do you allow to keep you from creating?" 

- Dr. Lisa Cooney


Fear: All Too Familiar

So many clients come to me with issues around fear, anxieties, panic attacks. It was a fixture of my practice in San Francisco. 

In working with people I made a big observation: these fear issues didn’t just start one day. It was more that my clients would suddenly wake and realize...OMG, this is upon me! They’d been suffering with something just outside of their consciousness, something they could not or would not face up until a breaking point. 

It’s a little like a thyroid problem that cropped up for me. It took ten or fifteen years of breakdown in my endocrine system before I finally gave it my attention, sought help, and took new action. 

And I’m so glad I did! I’m able to tell the tale. 

If you’re suffering with too much fear, I want you to heal and be free from that too.


Getting Better: Start With the Now

Walk with me through this: your present moment, right now, is the venue for all feelings. That makes it the starting point for treating issues around fearful feelings. I begin by asking clients a simple question. 

“What’s going on that’s causing fear...right now?” 

I then use my unique ROAR® technique to examine the answer. 

Let me give you a quick summary!


ROARing at Fear

The ROAR® technique identifies what’s going on right now by following it backwards in your life, to the first time you felt that fear, that anxiety, that phobia, whatever it is. 

With a strong feeling like fear, there’s a connection between the present and the first experience of that emotion. 

Once you and I identify that connection to the past, it becomes possible to COLLAPSE the fear. 

Yes! I mean crunch it down like an empty soda can. It becomes possible to never have that or any strong feeling the same way - it even becomes possible to walk away from it completely. 

I’ve seen great healing this way. I’ve even seen people cease taking anxiety medicine after a treatment with the ROAR® technique.


Pragmatic tools

What’s useful in moments of intense fear? Let’s look at some things. 

When you realize panic or any strong fear is coming over you...BREATHE. 

Another thing I suggest is take note of the environment. Notice what you’re wearing, and remember where you bought it. What do you notice about the room where you are? 

Put the phone aside and take yourself outdoors. Feel the sun and air. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds. 

Place your hand on your heart center and one hand on your public bone (just below your belt) and remind yourself 

“I’m 100% connected with myself, I’m safe, I’m free - show me the next right action.” 

Who is that question addressed to? Ask yourself. Ask the infinite universe. Ask your Higher Power, or whatever name you give to the benevolent being that gives you life. 

Lastly remember: anxiety and fear is a moment that’s dominated by an uncomfortable thought that generally is not true. That’s the absurdity that is all too common to our very human experiences of hard feelings. They just aren’t true! 

Again, ROAR® is the way to connect with the original instance of the overwhelming feeling. It’s the way I recommend to move beyond it. 

In any moment of fear I hope you’ll put my suggestions to use. I hope you grow into your true choices and the life you are capable of creating. 

Always remember: choice creates!

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