Having Fun on July Fourth!

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2021

As we celebrate July 4 let's talk about fun! 

Also, let’s talk about SAFETY. 

Maybe you're 

  • hosting a party
  • going to a party
  • party-hopping
  • bar-hopping 

Maybe you're even driving. 

And maybe you're drinking, too. 

Let’s talk about that...


A Unique Time

I'm noticing things are pretty squirrelly right now. 

I think it's because of the pandemic, but also because of shortages - supplies and workers. Plus even deliveries take longer. 

I do believe change is good, but this is a different deal. This is an overall environmental stress. 

There's a temptation to hit the bottle or the food, just to have instant gratification - we find freedom through those means when the other ways aren't available. You haven't been able to go out with friends, but there's always pizza delivery! 

Or maybe this weekend you'll be at a number of different parties, and you have a drink at each one. 

That quickly leads to...driving while intoxicated.


Approach This Weekend Right 

Who's the designated driver? Please stick to it. One moment of unconsciousness can change a group's lifetime in a way you can't unchange. 

Think smarter and plan before. That’s how to have fun! 

Celebrate! Celebrate that you're here, you're alive. Celebrate being with people for the first time in awhile! 

How about some gratitude! That's really worth celebrating. What about your friends makes you grateful? 

How about telling them this weekend?


Alcohol and July 4th 

Say you're at a social event and there's alcohol there. 

And you keep getting offered. You keep saying no. 

You keep getting asked. 

You feel a little anxious. 

The drinks go on, the night goes on. 

Maybe you don't want to tell anybody why you're abstaining. You’re just having water, and it’s nobody’s business, of course...but you may get asked about that anyway. 

What are some things you can say? 

Let me help you with that! 

Here are some things I say: 

-'No thank you'

-'You know what? I'd love some water.'

-'How about cranberry and seltzer?'

-'Can I get a mojito without alcohol?'

-'I'm good.' 

I speak from experience here. I'm actually not a drinker, and haven't been in quite some time.



I'm one of those folks who has an allergy to alcohol, although I used to be a professional drinker. 

Ha ha! My drinking days lasted because I used to believe everyone reacted to booze the way I did. 

I mean, I thought everyone believed they were Superman when they drank vodka! 

I actually stopped drinking in my 40s, and then had to relearn socializing without it. Life was different without martinis, wine, vodka, and beer. 

It's useful to pre-plan. You can even bring a little cooler you can stash in the garage where you’re hanging out. Just stock it with coke and ginger ale. Those both look like alcoholic drinks in a tumbler with ice, by the way? 

Not having the crutch of alcohol, it's different at first. But it gets better. 

Sometimes I literally just tell people 'I'm allergic.'


Choice Creates 

Remember what this day is really about: independence, and free will. It’s about the authority to create a life that really works for you. 

Create something better and better...because you can! 


Happy Fourth of July!

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