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The Three-Day Body Class is a series of practices to get you out of your head, and into your lovely body.


What do people say about it?
Tomas, a young man from Argentina, was surprised to be partnered with someone at the start of the class.

“When you get to the class you know it was your choice,” says Tomas, “but who will be doing the giving and who will be doing the receiving...that’s a mystery.”

Dr. Lisa pairs each participant with someone who’s similar energetically - an act of spontaneous intuition that worked out wonderfully for Tomas’s experience at the event.

Tomas continues, “after that, you get three days of gentle activating of energies in your body, that will allow you to shed a lot of stuff that’s not contributing. Other processes activate dormant energies in you that revitalize your body, and bring you back to an enjoyable presence.”

What was it like afterwards?

“The biggest difference was being able to acknowledge my body as it is,” Tomas says, “not judging it. Being able to establish better communication gave me the choice to start a new chapter with more kindness toward me and my body.

“I now take into account the sensations my body brings to my awareness before making choices.”

And was it fun?

“We had so much fun! I learned a LOT of stuff, energetically, physically. The class contributed to making me a better professional.”

Learn more about the upcoming Three-Day Body Class in Dallas, Texas, and sign up now RIGHT HERE

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