How many of you are getting inspired from your own choices and the actions that you’re taking?

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I have a friend who’s pushing right now, really pushing.

He’s uncomfortable. But he wants freedom.

He’s taking uncomfortable actions.

So, do you know any pushers right now? Are you pushing for freedom?

Sometimes I think the toughest and strangest thing about pushing is that you’re pushing into the unknown.

The truly unknown. To break free and to SOAR. Even if you don’t know where!

Otherwise it wouldn’t be pushing, right?

You’re pushing past your experience. Past your limits, your borders, your comfort zone, and past all those other avenues that didn’t work out.

And why?

Inspiration is the reason. You know how that feels.

But inspiration’s weird.

Inspiration’s like a friend that grabs your arm and jerks you excitedly, smiling all along.

And you look up, and see you’re walking toward the darkness. “WHOA, OKAY, WHERE AM I GOING?”

Inspiration is your assurance.

Inspiration is the urge to become your ignorance. It’s the lunge after a guess, a leap towards a gut feeling.

Like I said...inspiration’s pretty weird, right? But it speaks the language of your soul!

That friend I mentioned? He’s a writer and a music teacher.

One of his students is a seven-year-old girl. They’ve just begun writing songs together.

And her voice is like sunshine! The songs are a mess, and SO good!

It’s pure enthusiasm, totally untamed, a total ROAR! She dances while she sings, you can hear it. And it’s all so gripping. It’s like music straight from childhood.

She is inspired by her actions, let me tell you. Totally inspired, totally without fear, without self-consciousness. This is what it takes to ROAR.

Back to my friend. What really grabs him is songwriting, and he plugs away at it, and at performing.

And listening to her...sometimes he wants to shove his guitar in a closet.

He’s in a world of pushing, pushing with uncertainty. Or is it his ROAR?

Pushing to finish a song.

Pushing to play it for others. Sometimes he props his notebook up on a music stand right on stage.

Why take all this action?

Well, sometimes the uncertainty just recedes, like clouds parting.

Then my friend gets some sunshine of his own. Some radical aliveness trickling through.

He’s inspired by...himself. His own actions.

How about that?

Sometimes it’s when he steps off stage, or even on stage.

Sometimes it’s during meditation, when he glimpses what everything might eventually look like. Sometimes it’s listening back to a new song.

So what about you - are you inspired?

ROAR is about getting to the edge of your comfort zone and breaking FREE!

Where is that for you? I bet you know already.

What’s that first action your friend Inspiration is whispering to you?

It’s strange how we always know.

Are you willing to dare?

To break free?

To soar?

And to live your ROAR?


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