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When exactly is the beginning?

When did you fall in love with that special person?

When did you first notice them?

When did you first notice that music you love? That artist you admire?

When did you start your career?

Action is critical, but before the action comes the idea.

Now, I couldn’t even guess how many ideas I’ve forgotten altogether. Even great ideas sometimes just move along, gone unless we take a deliberate note of them.

Some ideas, though, are different.

They return whether you choose them or not. They haunt, they nag. They stand up and wave while watching something inspirational.

Let’s talk about those ideas.

What’s the most curious idea you have right now?

The one with some real sugar on it.

I bet it comes with instructions.

What’s the first instruction?

Maybe something uncomfortable.

But right alongside that discomfort is the vision of what this idea could deliver.

Maybe it’s a one-woman art show. Maybe it’s your spot in local office. Maybe it’s national office. Maybe it’s a pilot episode of a new television drama. Maybe it’s a family.

I have a friend with a picture of his grandfather Frank on the wall.

Frank was born just before 1900 in rural eastern Tennessee.

At some point Frank had his idea. That idea is why his picture hangs on the wall.

He was going to be a doctor.

He made it to the University of Tennessee, and next to the photo of Frank is one of his medical school graduating class.

To get through med school, Frank had to endure a long education. And the life of a student 100 years ago was no walk in the park.

Frank cleaned out horse stables to make ends meet. He received countless jeers from kids in the neighborhood when he first had his idea too.

He had a marvelous career as a doctor, though. He specialized in urology, and even studied at the Mayo Clinic.

I have to do uncomfortable things all the time, especially on behalf of my best ideas. There’s uncertainty to walk through, there’s new action that’s scary, there’s riskiness.

That’s when I have to savor, even luxuriate, in the vision of what I’m after. And I have to commit.

There’s so much that comes to help along the way. Not every day, but often enough.

The support of others makes my actions stretch further. I get a lift on days when I’m weary.

But it’s all born in that misty moment of the idea. The idea that keeps getting my attention. The idea I act on.

Please take an action on behalf of your best idea today. You know what needs to be done.

I promise the results will be unexpected.


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