The 4 D’s of Abuse

Break Free from the Invisible Cage
We’re revolutionizing the way one lives with abuse. That means moving beyond it, not disconnecting with it.

Embrace your story and know what it is.

During abuse, your young self may have used the 4 D’s as coping strategies, to try and protect yourself from pain.

These 4 D’s act as the four walls of our invisible cage that we live in. It allows us to not create the reality, the life we desire in this reality. When we’re boxed in, we can’t generate anything beyond what’s inside the cage. We become our own perpetrator and victim simultaneously.

Within this cage, we create a fantasy reality.

The fantasy is controlled by you. It’s safe. Only you have the key to get in. However, that fantasy limits your choices only to the cage of that reality.

These coping strategies may have helped you at the time of pain when you were younger, but using these behaviors to cope as an adult may lock us up inside an invisible cage that doesn’t allow us to live beyond the abuse.

Live Your ROAR
Let’s move beyond this fantasy reality to Living Your ROAR and let’s merge our fantasy with our reality so we can actually create the life that we only saw in the fantasy, but desire in reality.

Beyond Abuse. Beyond Therapy. Beyond Anything.

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