The Lies Of Money

I remember the first time I saw my bank account literally at zero,  that’s $0.00…yes it’s true and as I stared at my computer screen frozen in fear, I started to panic. I went to hyper-vigilant supercharged-planning to get myself out of that zero balance…and then I paused, took a few deep breaths, put my hand on my chest and said, “Ok, so this is what THAT feels like.”

I then asked questions like,

“Did the world end?”

“Am I going to die?”

“Is someone coming to take me away?”

Each of these questions came back with a big NO! It was just a moment in time that WOKE ME UP to the tape in my head that said, “I am a zero, I am nothing, and I deserve no-thing.”

Clearly I had some serious issues with believing in the wealth of my being.

Clearly, I was hell bent on destroying things vs. creating things.

Clearly, I had some unconscious computations running my life?

Are you noticing any of this in you? Then you may also have some lies and beliefs swirling around in your head while actualizing in your bank account like:

There’s never enough.
No matter how hard I work, I only seem to break even.
Maybe if I just ignore the situation, it will resolve itself on it’s own
If I just push hard enough, I can make more
If I have money, I should give it all away
If I make money, someone will just take it away
I am so brilliant and work so hard and yet I still have nothing
I will never be able to receive money because I’m not worth it and I don’t deserve it
Taking the time to address the hidden questions is a technique that brings them up to the surface of your conscious mind so you can “destroy and uncreate” them. That is, go back to their point of creation and undo them so you can be free to receive the wealth of being that truly be.

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