Thoughts on OCD and Western Medicine

Uncategorized May 18, 2021




"...within every adversity there’s a gift, there’s a benefit." 

- Dr. Lisa Cooney


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Me 

OCD makes me feel camaraderie. 

For one thing many people have come to see me about it, and that’s an honor.

 And then I myself am on the low scale of autism. You might not know that. It gives me some of the tendencies of an OCD diagnosis. 

The way I structure my day is one example. Or when playing billiards, I can actually see the line from the cue stick to the white ball to the other ball. 

I’ve found some gifts in my condition, some awarenessess that are useful. I’ve used my own tendencies to create resourcefulness in my life. Go into my office in the next room! It’s covered with paper. That’s one of my ways to keep highly organized - life sized sticky notes. 

There are extreme versions of OCD, though, where professionals prescribe medication. I recommend using those medicines.


Western Medicine

 I’m no stranger to western medicine. When I need to know what’s going on with my hormones, for example, I see a medical doctor. 

And when I was going through a tough lawsuit, I used some psychotropic medicines. That lawsuit scared the crap out of me! Medicine for depression and anxiety helped me make good decisions. 

And there’s nothing wrong with that! The only thing that’s ever wrong is found in the point of view about it being wrong or weak.


Disease - Here’s the Big Takeaway 

People miss the big picture of disease. Within every adversity, there’s a gift, there’s a benefit. 

When you see that - you turn the disorder on its axis, and you see the benefit. 

This is especially true when you weren’t born with the disease. Maybe you actually created the disease condition in order to reach a new possibility.



Whatever the origins you come with, we can take a look at it. And if something isn’t useful, it’s possible to walk away from it. 

I’ve treated people in my practice - a practice that’s 26 years old and counting - and they walk out without disease or dis-ease. Yes, it’s possible for you too. And if that’s something you’re after, let me know. 

No matter what your condition, I welcome working with you. Chances are good I’ve worked with many people just like you.

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