What Happens When You Spread Your Wings?

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"Everything about this call is magic.” 


Open Your Eyes 

Break Free and Spread Your Wings is your introduction to the ROAR® technique! 

It’s just 90 minutes, but that’s plenty of time to see ROARing up close. 

During Spread Your Wings and Break Free the energy of life creates something, right before our eyes!


How Does It Work? 

I select a participant, and perform the ROAR® technique on them. 

Right then and there! 

You get to watch the whole thing unfold. 

Nothing beats witnessing the transformation live. 

Let’s hear a testimonial: 

Everything about this call was magic. The moment invited me to acknowledge the potent creator that I am. 

Starting with how I knew I would be on this call, to how my girlfriend broke up with me just hours before it, and then to you, Dr. Lisa, choosing me. 

I’ve had so many “AHA!” moments during and since the call. A major one was seeing how I allowed myself to be gaslighted, to believe that I don’t qualify to be a man… 

I’ve had that point of view for three years. 

Also, what came to me to explore was my unwillingness to break up with girlfriends, and this has led me even further on my journey. 

The ROAR® session had so much lightness and potency, at the same time. It went deep but it didn’t hit hard, so to speak. 

Dr. Lisa, I’m grateful for your support and guidance during it. There were some moments when I was surprised to discover the lightness in my body. 

It was space and ease.

Yes, there really is freedom. 

And how does it get any better than this?


What’s in Store for You?

 This participant received life-changing insight about how to be different in relationships. 

Where are you seeking growth? 

What’s nudging you in your life, ready for a RAPID evolution? 

All this and more is available. 

Just remember: you have to claim it. 

Choice creates! 

Come to Spread Your Wings and Break Free! 



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