What is the unconscious belief that is governing your generative possibility?

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2021



Have you ever known someone who took a quantum leap? 

One of THOSE people. 

Maybe you’d known them awhile, but then life just SHIFTED for them. 

Could have been Mr. Awesome or Mrs. Amazing suddenly appeared. 

Maybe they had that breakthrough with their creative life. Or a beautiful career success materialized. 

Maybe it was all the above, with a new birth of possibilities thrown in! 

So, how did it make you feel? 

Be honest! 

Go back to hearing the news. Maybe you were scrolling through social media and saw the ‘She Said Yes’ post. Or maybe you got a wedding invite. Maybe they ran up on the sidewalk to announce their new promotion at work. 

Did you feel pure happiness for them? 

Or did you feel a little envy? 

Now, be honest! 

This makes me think of one of my favorite comedians. He talks about how envy is a roadmap. 

Wait, what? 

Yes!  Envy points out something we desire for ourselves! It’s the feeling that bounces the ball right back into our court: “well, what are you going to do about it?” 

It’s kind of a good thing, right? Is there anything stopping us from achieving our desires? 

Of course it’s crucial to take action, and to be patient. So much change requires space, requires devotion and sticking with it. 

But then there are people who’ve been taking action, and they’re still waiting for change. 

They’re the ones I’m thinking of today. 

I have a friend who’s been out of the dating scene a long time, though she’s interested. 

She’s taken some action on that, approaching people and exchanging numbers sometimes. She got a new dog a few years ago, and boy did he help break the ice! 

But nothing really happened. 

Sometimes she’d get approached, but those guys were a poor fit. There were three in a row at one point: two of them were prodigious drinkers, and one other guy said he wasn’t interested in anything serious. Non-starters. 

Eventually a friend of hers pointed out, “you know, I think you’re a little too devoted to this.” 

She was confused. 

The friend continued, “well, you seem to almost...USE these two crowds of men. It’s like you’re trying to make a point. It seems like you’re interested in making yourself feel bad.” 

She’d been frustrated a long time, so she was ready to hear any new theories about her dating life. 

And this one was...strangely persuasive. Walking away from the conversation, she realized how long it had been since she felt free with dating: free to talk to whomever, free to experience whatever outcome. 

In college she talked to people at the grocery store, at yoga class, wherever. 

Something had happened, and now she avoided people. 

It was the start of recognizing how much fear she carried around. But I’m pleased to say that breakthrough was the beginning of letting it go. 

It took a little while, but she became better at talking to men again. 

She practiced. She chatted with her friends’ friends, and started casually talking to guys during dog walks again. 

She let go of the outcomes, and felt the freedom come back. 

And you know how the story ends. 

Eventually that one guy came along that changed her life in an instant. 

Sometimes we fall victim to old ideas. They’re quiet killers. We just carry them around like pocket lint, we don’t even know they’re there. 

The great truth, even if it’s elusive, is we can let those old ideas go. 

And then we get to watch what happens next. 

Welcome to the Space Odyssey of 2021!
What will you choose?


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