What you put into creationship is what you get back.

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I love creationship. Creationship demands honesty.

 What are my true desires right now? What if I were filling out an order form? What would I request for myself...really?

 What would be beyond any thing I have chosen before?

 What vision would like to be birthed now?

 Visions change, of course. And I find a vision that’s fresh and clear - that’s something we can really throw ourselves into creating. We are always updating. Phones! Clothes! Jobs! Why not create something that we have always desired but never dared dream?

 I have a friend who lost his job right as the pandemic set in.

 It was bittersweet. The job kind of...sucked.

 It didn’t pay much. His duties had diminished. He didn’t get along with his boss.

 But it was a job!

 When he started out he felt such gratitude.

 A salary! A title! Relief from the self-consciousness of being unemployed. Finally!

 And he showed up daily, did his best.

 He wasn’t perfect, but he kept going, kept trying.

 When the pandemic rolled in, his status was shaky and he got laid off.

 He reached out to friends right away for support. As coronavirus news swirled, he made some plans for financial survival.

 The government offered a helpful unemployment program. He plowed his new free time into personal projects. And he kept looking for the next job.

 Personal projects are fun, but a job was what was inside him. It was all he knew. Jobs mean survival.

 One day he was in his car, and a friend called. She asked him how it was going.

 “Well, I’m still looking for a job.”

 Hm, she replied. So how many hours would you like to work?

 What a confusing question. It was like asking if he wanted to visit the moon. Do I have a choice? Am I supposed to decide hours myself?

 She asked him again.

 “The truth?”

 She waited.

 “I want to work four or five hours a day.”

 Okay fine, she said.

 He sat there with the phone against his ear, staring into space.

 But he’d told the truth. His own work was valuable to him. He relished his new free time. He just didn’t know how to claim that.

 As his friend, she knew about his personal projects. Heck, she was the same way.

 Then she asked, how much do you need to earn?

 “Per month?”

 Yes, she answered.

 He actually knew that number.

 They did some simple math, and found how much he’d need to earn per hour, working four or five hours per day.

 Then she had to go.

 He hung up. Immediately he memorized the number immediately, even though it still seemed a little unreal.

 She instructed him what to do next: write down the number on index cards, and tape them up around his apartment. Then keep looking for work, and ask for those terms.

 When he went to write the numbers down, something shifted inside him. He set a ‘bar’ one that can always be updated and out created!

 Something new was becoming real. It felt a little scary, like standing up inside a tornado.

 But he did take a stand.

 And you know how the story ends.

 He told anyone who asked what his new salary requirements were.  And almost miraculously, everyone agreed.

 Then he began working with a few freelance clients. And his income increased.

 A couple months later he made new index cards (with higher numbers, of course).

 After all, he had something new he was creating. He had something new inside him.

 What’s new inside of you? Let’s create it!


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