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Are you tired of feeling stuck?

The ROAR® technique is a process that allows you to recognize the layers below the surface of what appears to be your problem.


This class will introduce you to The Cage along with each step to unlocking yourself from it.  The Cage in ROAR® is what symbolizes whatever it is that has you stuck, limited and stops you from living your life in the way you know is possible.

Anytime you can not make a change in your life, can not make a decision, or find yourself unable to take care of your own needs, you may be experiencing an invisible cage.

This is an introductory class, where Dr. Lisa will choose one participant and facilitate the ROAR® Technique live.  What has been shown over the last several years is; when one person in the group is receiving facilitation, everyone in the room also receives from the session allowing all participants to receive contribution.

In this same class each participant has the possibility to work directly with one of the ROAR® Practitioners in a private demo session.


If you are curious about the ROAR® technique, this Break Free & Spread Your Wings class will allow you to experience what is available and may just set you free.


December 23rd - 11 AM CST
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