Embrace Your ROAR


What is the Cage Of Abuse?


The cage includes a subtle judgement about the wrongness of you that you take for granted to be true. In other words, you perceive yourself to be bad or wrong because of the abuse that occurred. This “wrongness” becomes the filter through which you experience and perceive reality. When the cage of abuse grabs you, it takes your breath away, and when it takes your breath away, the freedom, the pleasure, the possibility gets sucked right out of your being.

The cage is based on lack, limitation and lies.

The cage keeps you out of freedom, pleasure and possibility. To live inside the cage is to live without a voice. You may be able to speak and function in the world, but there remains a part of you isolated, silenced and cut off from reality – a part that lives inside you, deadened and numbed out.

Embracing The Cage 

When you embrace the cage while also choosing something other than shutting down, you soften. You open to the possibility of being in communion with your pain. Ultimately, this is the only way to dissolve the bars of the cage and step into the true freedom, joy and possibility that exists independent of it. Making friends with the cage of abuse is about making friends with joy and freedom and pleasure and possibility. 

Welcome to Radical Aliveness

Let me introduce you to the key where you have choice to unlock yourself from the cage of abuse, so you can walk across the bridge into Radical Aliveness.

It’s not only your place to feel safe and gain the knowledge of who you truly are – who you truly BE in this wild and wonderful world – but to let go and SOAR to heights yet un-imagined.


There are links below to even more ways to Embrace Your ROAR. Thank you for BEING YOU.


Embrace Your ROAR 2 day class!

Dr. Lisa Cooney’s unique and one of a kind fantastical facilitation will assist you in moving from the smallness and wrongness of you, to Being and embracing the fullest and most magical expression of your amazingly beautiful self!

Is there any part of you longing for MORE? – More choice, more possibility, more joy, more ease? And are you frustrated and tired of not being able to create that for yourself?

Then please join Dr. Lisa Cooney, for this life-changing class where you can finally BE YOU, Beyond Anything, Creating Magic and finally explore what it takes to LIVEa dynamically different and generative reality –

Using tools, such as body & verbal processes, we will:

  • Dissolve your armor.
  • Clear out the residue of your abuse.
  • Increase your ability to receive.
  • Re-wire the systems in your body to experience greater ease and health.
  • Open the way for you to experience your body as safe.
  • Reignite your “orgasmic” body so you feel the pleasure and possibility of your body.

Note: This is an introduction to my approach towards abuse clearing. You do not need to have taken any other courses to attend this one. This class will support you to open and go to new levels.

Finally you can break free from a life of contraction, restriction and self judgment.  Unlocking your cage with you as the key opens you to the creation of your Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality.

You can EMPOWER YOURSELF with real choice, and eliminate and eradicate whatever is holding you back…whether it’s negative self-talk or an abuse-filled past. Whatever it is, you can destroy and uncreate it, now! Not tomorrow, now, when you choose Dr. Lisa Cooney’s powerful 2-Day Class!

*Pre Reqs -NONE

$1000 usd

Global Pricing Available


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Radically Alive YOU!

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Dr. Lisa Cooney

Dr. Lisa Cooney is a leading authority on thriving after childhood sexual abuse. In her commitment to ridding the planet of abuse, she is revolutionizing a new approach to trauma through pragmatic tools that create quantum change. Her signature classes, Embrace Your ROAR and Living Your ROAR are both modeled after her personal leap from the invisible cage of abuse.


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Dallas TX

"It is almost indescribable, but the one thing I can tell you is that if you’re asking for change and you really desire it, Dr. Lisa Cooney can take you there in a magical, kind, humorous, and potent way"

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