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with discovering you 

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Not sure what to do?


You know something is holding you back. You feel stuck and you've tried everything. You are tired and know you need change.

PTSD, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and trauma can be traced to a root cause locked deep within our subconscious that keeps us locked in what I call, the invisible cage.

The ROAR Method will assist you in identifying the cage, understanding how to move out of the cage and motivating you into action to take charge of your life. 

With interactive lessons for your mind, body, and soul, you’ll identify your own invisible cage, clear out false beliefs and trauma, clear beliefs and trauma at the source and connect fully to your truth and your SOUL.

Because you deserve ALL GOOD. Not some, ALL!

It’s Time to Fall In Love with the Discovery Of You.

These self-paced programs will introduce you to the ROAR® Method and give you practical every day tools to assist you in breaking free from the invisible cage.


The Full ROAR® Experience

"What if you could...?"

Discover the unconscious beliefs you carry with you.

The ROAR Method® can assist you in discovering and dissipating the beliefs that impact every area of your life

  • Learn about the "4Ds" that cause you to fixate on the wrongness of you.
  • Explore the "4Es" that serve as your bridge to an amazing life
  • And take action with the "4Cs" 

The 4 C's Challenge

We don’t recognize how in every daily action we are…or something that ultimately leads to the creation of our life. With this mini challenge, you can start choosing in a full consciousness. From there you learn how to commit to yourself and collaborate with things that contribute to you and support you to create your amazing life. $22

Embracing Your ROAR®

This self paced course is adapted from The ROAR Method®. Dr. Lisa developed this signature methodology after she spent a lifetime moving beyond abuse and changed her own life! In this course, she introduces the concepts and guides you through a basic understanding of the invisible cage, how to break free and shares practical tools for everyday life. $359

Cage Talks

The Cage represents all the limitations we create around us to maintain a decision we made in the past (usually our childhood) and carry around as if it was the truth for us. That's how we grow up denying, defending, disconnecting, and disassociating to stay in that space. Dr. Lisa discusses how to knock down the limitations in key areas of your life – money, relationships, family, healing and more. $275

Actualize Your Asks

What do you desire? Learn how to use these four steps designed by Dr Lisa as part of her ROAR Method.  You will actualize your desires faster than you thought was possible!  $88

***This is a deeper dive into the the mini series- The 4C's Challenge.

Into Action

After releasing the abuse and limitations from your life, it's on you to start making it YOURS. In this course, Dr. Lisa introduces the 5 key actions to move from understanding your thoughts and life desires Into Action to create the life you want and deserve. $88

RiseUp & ROAR

Going all in on anything can seem scary especially when it comes to yourself. Let's face it, we all want to be liked and have a sense of belonging. What if the only thing keeping you from having the life you desire is you keeping yourself from being all of you? $222

How does The Full ROAR® Experience work?

  • Access to multiple products based on the ROAR® Method
  • Overview of every element of The ROAR Method®

  • Self-paced modules you can watch again and again to increase your understanding of how ROAR® can assist YOU 
  • Amazing handouts that guide you through exploring the aspects of your life that keep you from your Radically Alive Orgasmic Reality!
  • Every module is guided by Dr. Lisa - a world renown psychologist and best selling author who is committed to helping people live incredible lives
  • Relevant, real life examples make it possible for you to connect ROAR to your own life. 
  • Every day ways to apply the ROAR method when you are face with those “trigger moments.”
  • Action oriented exercises to move you into living and out of feeling stuck.


I hold a Doctorate in Psychology and MFT licenses in CA, TX, NJ, DC, AZ and Oregon have been in practice for close to 3 decades.  My home sanctuary is a private retreat in Arlington, Texas that I share with my wife, our fur babies, 2 college age kids and wonderful in-laws.

My home doubles as a private retreat for VIP clients, online empowerment, psychological wellness and specific delivery of recovery, and trauma related illness and dis-ease wellness services. I am honored to travel globally to work with clients and also receive clients at my home sanctuary.

I have been working with clients all over the world for over 2 decades assisting them with healing from trauma and abuse. I spent years doing my own healing and gathered methods and tools that helped me break free and change my life. A few years ago I took those tools and put them together to create the ROAR Method. I use this every day in my sessions with clients and I wanted to educate everyone on using this in daily life.

Do you have anxiety, depression, low moments and triggers in your day. Getting to the root and healing any type of trauma can assist you. Abuse comes in many forms and we often do not know it is happening or hidden.

Let's uncover your invisible cage together.

"I had no idea that I was locked in a cage or that I was functioning from my past in my everyday choices. The ROAR method opened me to new information"

Jenny - Utah

"I love that Dr. Lisa shares so much information and really helps you get to the root of what is going on. These ROAR® sessions have been life changing"

Jeremy - Ohio



Have you ever felt like something is driving your choices and holding you hostage?

If so, then the ROAR® Method is definitely for you.

It will help you identify your core issues and give you tools to unlock yourself from whatever holds you back. Discovering who you truly are and what you actually desire will assist you in taking action to create a life you love.


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



12 monthly payments

  • Immediate access to all 6 programs
  • The full ROAR Method course "Embracing Your ROAR"
  • Audio Downloads
  • Printable "Homeplay" PDF's
  • Customer Care support



Save $105

  • Immediate access to all 6 programs
  • The full ROAR Method course "Embracing Your ROAR"
  • Audio Downloads
  • Printable "Homeplay" PDF's
  • Customer Care support

Experience + Sessions


Best deal!

  • (3) 60-minute Sessions with Dr. Lisa
  • Immediate access to all 6 programs
  • The full ROAR Method course "Embracing Your ROAR"
  • Audio Downloads
  • Printable "Homeplay" PDF's
  • Customer Care support

With access to the modules and downloads instantly, you can begin right away and your own pace.