Living Your ROAR




What does living a Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality look like?

You wake up with a spring in your step, happy to be alive and ready to see what else is possible for the day. From start to finish, your day is full of choice based on your desires and that, from those desires, everything is possible and you are a generative and creative magnet.

People love to be around you. You change the energy of everything around you just by being you. Your relationships are based in communion and harmony. They’re fun, easeful, joyful and mutual. Your body is healthy and vibrantly alive. You are energized. You have a special glow about you.

Your business is booming and the collaborators you have laugh and join with you in whatever you are creating. Each day is a new possibility of receiving money, support and possibilities.

Life is a joyous adventure. Laughter and lightness infuse your body. You are amazed to feel such an alliance with yourself.

People ask you what you did to change you and you respond with, “I chose me and happiness and created what I knew was possible.”

This is the life that’s waiting for you to choose it.

Welcome to Radical Aliveness

With the 4 C's- Choosing, Committing, Collaborating, Creating- You can choose to walk across the bridge into Radical Aliveness.

The best part of sharing these insights is always in the result – empowering someone to know what they know and witness them choose to actualize it. And that’s what matters – for you to know what you know and choose it.


Living Your ROAR 3 day class!

Welcome to Living Your ROAR (Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality)!

You've Embraced Your ROAR, stepped out of the cage of abuse, now what?  This three day class will walk you through implementing the tools to Create YOUR Own Radically Orgasmically Alive Universe and stand outside the cage!

 You can EMPOWER YOURSELF with real choice, now! Not tomorrow, now, when you choose this powerful 3-day class. 

 LIVING YOUR ROAR! will assist you in Being and embracing the fullest and most magical expression of your amazingly beautiful self! Giving you the tools to create in the space of unknown, in the space of you.

What happens after you step out of the invisible cage?  What is it like being the key to creating your own reality?  Are you asking for more tools - More choice, more possibility, more joy and more ease?  

Please join Dr. Lisa Cooney, for this life-changing class where you can BE YOU, Beyond Anything, Create Magic and fully explore what it takes to create a dynamically different and generative reality by learning how to implement living beyond the cage.

*The 4 C’s- Truly living radically alive

  • Choosing for you
  • Committing to you
  • Collaborating with the universe Conspiring to bless you
  • Creating for more

And Living Your Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality and TRUE JOY!

*Pre Reqs - Embrace Your ROAR (2 day class)

$1500 usd

Global Pricing Available


Dr. Lisa Cooney

Dr. Lisa travels the globe teaching and facilitating hundreds of people to discover and uncover a lighter, more expansive version of themselves – with more fun, play and ease. She’s found that success, money, health, and loving relationships naturally flow to you when you free yourself from the trauma of the past and open yourself up to a whole new way of creating your life and living.

"Working out of the Lies of Money, I got my new job. I can now make in a week what I used to make in a month!"

Dallas TX

"I am a powerful creator and my choice to experience money as: all my Bills are Paid and I have more coming in than going out. I created this though my choice."

Denver CO

"I was not paying attention to all those miracles! WOW! Thank you, Dr. Lisa Cooney!!"

Dallas TX

"It is almost indescribable, but the one thing I can tell you is that if you’re asking for change and you really desire it, Dr. Lisa Cooney can take you there in a magical, kind, humorous, and potent way"

Owner Cedar Haven Stables Cedar Hill TX

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