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Cage Talks - Healing


The Cage represents all limitations we create around us to maintain a decision we made in the past (usually our childhood) and carry around as if it was the truth for us, even though we're not aware of it at all most of the time. That's how we grow up denying, defending, disconnecting, and disassociating to stay in that know space.  

How many decisions are creating limitations with healing? Are you a healer?  Were you a healer?

How many cages do you have about healing that keep you from healing yourself or others? 

Dr. Lisa will shine a light and open up a conversation that will allow you to start stepping out of the cages about Healing!

By purchasing this offer you will get: 

  • A 60-minute zoom call with Dr. Lisa
  • Tools to getting out of the cages about healing.
  • Ask your questions and receive contributions from Dr. Lisa.
  • Downloads
    • mp3 replays 
    • PDF home plays 


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November 1st - 1 PM CDT

Online via Zoom 

Will be confirmed upon the number of requests. Request your language by emailing [email protected] 

All replays will be available 24/48 hours after the end of each call.  

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