About Dr. Lisa


Dr. Lisa Cooney is a world renown authority on thriving after trauma, be it physical, emotional or financial. After uncovering and unlocking the invisible cage that was holding her down, Dr. Lisa developed a powerful and impactful workshop series -ROAR and Lies of Money - which teach others how to identify and break through the limitations of implanted beliefs and layers of trauma.
Dr. Lisa is a catalyst for change, dedicated to assisting others to become aware of their true power, strength and courage and to identify their genuine purpose to thrive. She travels the globe teaching and facilitating thousands of people to uncover and discover a lighter, more expansive version of themselves with more fun, play, joy and ease. Her sessions are a safe place to explore one’s past truths and learn the tools for a healthier future. She’s found that success, money, health and loving relationships flow naturally when you free yourself from past traumas and beliefs. Dr. Lisa, a graduate of Fairfield

University and the University of Phoenix, is a Doctor of psychology with a sub-concentration of socially engaged spirituality, a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Her life’s mission is to eradicate the world of abuse and trauma in all forms. She is a dynamic, funny, energetic human being who resides and hosts workshops in her
headquarters in Dallas, Texas.


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