The Journey To Live Your Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality (ROAR)

From Practitioner to Instructor

First, what is it to Live Your ROAR?

And who better than Dr. Lisa Cooney, creator of the ROAR Technique, to tell you what it looks like and what it means to transform your life into a Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality?

If you feel like this is the type of life you desire to create for yourself and contribute to other people’s lives to do the same, then you want to continue to read this…

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1. Living Your ROAR

Become a practitioner!
The first step will be to join Dr. Lisa in her 4-day Living Your ROAR class. You will learn to empower yourself 
and/or your clients with real choice. Dr. Lisa's facilitation will teach you how to:

  • Identify the invisible cages with the 4 D's - Deny, Defend, Dissociate and Disconnect
  • Bring the UNconscious to conscious with the 4 E's 
  • Walk you or your clients through the Cage 
  • Implement the Judgment to the Earth exercise
  • Use the Deepening Technique to unravel limiting beliefs 
  • Manifest what you truly desire in life with the 4 C's
  • Become a ROAR Practitioner with real experience that will facilitate clients
  • Create a new revenue stream and build the base of your ROAR Practitioner business

Investment: $ 1,100.00 USD – Online
Repeat Price: $ 750.00 USD - Online
(NO pre-requisite)

Join The Living Your ROAR Class

2. ROAR Practitioner & Business Training

With Living Your ROAR class you discovered a different way of facilitating you and/or your clients beyond their invisible cages of constrictions, limitations and abuse around business, money, health and relationship. No one should ever feel BROKEN or limited in their lives. You have in your hand a technique, a tool of empowerment that is waiting to expand. What if you could go deeper, grow your practice, and build a successful business out of it?

This 5-week ROAR Practitioner & Business Training is an open door to create a sustainable future using a unique resource that has proven results all around the globe.

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The training includes:

  • 5 (five) supervision sessions of 30 min based on your work with your clients (valued at $1,750.00 USD)
  • 5 (five) Teaching Group calls of 90 min (valued at $1,008.00 USD)
  • 5 (five) Practice Group calls of 90 min (valued at $880.00 USD)
  • 3 (three) bonuses (valued at $791.00 USD)

The training will be focused on 3 main topics to up level your skills:

  • The Art of BEING a Practitioner
  • Therapeutic Container : The secrets of the facilitator/client relationship 
  • Biz Time : The keys to building your business step by step to success 

Investment: $ 1,800.00 USD – Online 
(Payment Plan available)


  • One (1) one Living Your ROAR class
  • or One (1)  Embrace Your Roar (past years class format)
  • or One (1) 5 days to Roar class (past years class format)


I Want to Know More Now

3. ROAR Certified Instructor

You have now decided and committed to contribute to you, others and the world from a totally different space. You know that greater is possible, you know that everyone can undo their conditioned patterns, unconscious behaviors, abusive situations, self-criticism and/or stuckness. You know you can assist people to bypass the monkey mind in order to create something beautiful. Now, YOU ARE choosing to become a ROAR Instructor and to change the world by teaching this unique possibility. People require you all around the globe and it's your time to ROAR!

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ROAR Instructor Certification 

The last step before touring the world and teaching the ROAR classes is to attend this 5-day certification class where Dr. Lisa dives into the concepts and principles of her facilitation process.

Investment: $ 3,500.00 USD – Online
(Payment Plan Available)


1. Attend two Living Your ROAR classes (4-day class)

  • if you took 2 (two) Embrace Your ROAR classes in the past, it counts as 1 (one) Living Your ROAR class
  • if you took 1 (one) 5-day to ROAR in the past, it counts as 1 (one) Living Your ROAR

2. Attend one time the 5-week Practitioner & Business Training

3. Attend one Creating Your FUNantial Reality (3-day class)

Become a ROAR Certified Instructor. Check The Next Class Here.

4. What can you do as a ROAR Certified Instructor?

You will be able to facilitate:

● Living Your ROAR Class (4 days)
● Living Your ROAR Taster or Intro Class
● Lies of Money Taster or Intro Class
● Creating Your FUNancial Reality Class (2 days)

You will be able to create your own profile on Dr. Lisa's webiste and to be recommended as a ROAR Instructor to all

Additional requirements to maintain your ROAR Instructor Certification status and remain up to date on the latest changes with the ROAR Technique:

● Annual Instructor Fee
● Annual re-certification 
● Signed Agreements and Contracts

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