Beyond Anything Recordings

What if you could ELIMINATE negative and limiting beliefs PERMANENTLY and…Do it while you sleep?
You Can!

Dr. Lisa’s Clearing Loops, recorded from her Voice America Radio Show, “Beyond Abuse, Beyond Therapy, Beyond Anything” are available to you here. (Jan 2018-June 2018)

A Clearing loop is a tool tool that will help you:

  • Unlock yourself from the invisible cage of abuse and limitation
  • Gain freedom from the internal jailer of judgment and the wrongness of you
  • Discover the possibilities for living your ROAR (Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality)
  • Move out of victimization and into the greatness of you
    These Clearing Loops radically change the energy of problems or issues instantaneously.

They offer you the possibility to move beyond victimization and powerlessness and start anew to create your life from greatness and choice.

You can listen to these loops all day every day. You can have them turned on quietly in the background as you move about your day, and when you sleep at night. The clearing statements act like powerful scrub brushes that get into the nooks and crannies to clean out the debris of abuse that’s been collecting over the years.

Isn’t it time you cleared out the deadness of abuse?

When you do this, you will discover more energy, more aliveness, more choice and more possibility in your life.. Ready to clear the abuse and awaken the possibilities in your own life?

These clearings designed to move you beyond the stuckness, limitation and trauma of abuse. 

Here’s what you receive:

30-minute audios from each show (in easy to download mp3 files).

  • Each recording has all the clearings from Dr. Lisa's radio show.
  • Topics addressed: relationship, health, money and career to sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse and beyond!

Are you ready to go Beyond Anything and have ALL of YOU?


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