Real Estate Executive (Artist, Master Energy Worker)

I’ve been working with Dr. Lisa Cooney for a while now, and when I was approached with the possibility to have a one-on-one Focused VIP Session, I was hesitant because of all of the practical, “responsible”, “adult” reasons to delay, avoid, or just not do it “right now”. I can list those reasons any day of the week to justify avoiding many things. My gut, however, my instant desire was “hell yes, I’m in!” – And I am so glad I did it. Twice!
The allowance I chose for myself, to take the personal time away from all of the other people, places, and things in my life has turned out to be pivotal in the most positive way, where the direction my life has taken from each of these - what I call “Personal, mini-Retreats”- is irrefutably Awe-Some. It is like a personal, goal-setting mini-retreat in the most collaborative and supportive of environments. My first VIP session, I set a goal, and it was fully realized within a week of my return home! My second VIP session, the goals started happening before I even left for the airport to come home.
*My stress and anxiety are at an all-time low
*My joie-de-vie is at an all-time high
*My income increased by about 30% at my First VIP Session
*This was a personal Quantum-Leap toward, or INTO, my life, Living for Me – and now I know that I was totally worth it!
My heart and soul have softened, with the grace and compassion Dr. Lisa and her amazing team have shown me – they made this Personal-Care time not only Restful for me (Mind, Body & Soul) but also Fruitful for me. Each VIP was like a Master-Class in the metaphysical world of Healing, Growing, and Transforming into the Being that I’ve come here to Be. To be Me.
Dr. Lisa helped me stop talking ‘about my storm’ and start talking ‘to my storm’, as an empowered individual – and she fearlessly guided me through to the other side, where I’m finding more of myself every day with a level of strength and confidence that I’m not sure I knew I had. But I do – I only forgot that I have a Strength and Wisdom and Power to guide me through anything. I’ve come home to me. With a deep gratitude, I strongly recommend the VIP opportunity to anyone considering it. If you’re still not sure, call me.

I dare ya.
--Thank you Dr. Lisa for helping free me from my fears.


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