I would like to give back.

Do you know that there is something else possible, that there is something else possible for your life and living? Do you know that you can create your life and living as a business with EASE, JOY and GLORY!

Congruent creation includes all of these areas;

  • Physically
  • Financially
  • Energetically
  • Psychically
  • Spiritually
  • Physiologically
  • Relationally

It includes all of you.

Are you asking to live congruently with yourself, inside and out?

Are you asking to thrive in your life, to be ALL IN?

This program speaks to that.  It speaks from the energy of a VIP session, from the energy of The Living Your ROAR three day class and from the energy of you and your body.


"This course is about ME contributing to YOU! I will be sharing with you how I create congruency with my inner and outer self. How I use the four C's of radical aliveness in my daily life. I am here for you as you unleash yourself on the lips of this reality. I am here for you as you take the step forward in creating your life and living. -Dr. Lisa "

Interactive and engaging with the touch of a VIP session.

This nine month, all in, VIP program comes with the added bonus of a group setting. What can we create together?

 You will receive:
    • A live monthly Zoom call
    • Recordings of the Zoom call
    • Clearings
    • A (private) Facebook interactive group
    • Daily play and activities
    • Frequent FB Lives
    • Questions
    • Facilitation
    • 3- (15 min) Laser sessions-over 9 months
    • 25% coupon code for individual sessions/packages
    • 10% coupon code for Live Your ROAR Live classes

and the BIG BONUS.... ALL OF YOU!

"When I work with my VIP clients I am fully engaged with them in their life and in their creations. I conspire with the Universe and I have their back. When they are stuck, I am there, ready to contribute. -Dr. Lisa"

This is for the big choosers with bigger asks of the UNIVERSE!

Let’s do this... Dr. Lisa