Practitioners & Business Training

After a ROAR class you discovered a different way of facilitating you and others beyond the invisible cages of limitations and now you have in your hands a technique, a tool of empowerment that is waiting to be expanded.

What if you could go deeper, perfect your practice and build a successful business out of it?

With this 5-week Practitioner and Business Training you’ll open a door to a new possibility for your future and to be the contribution you truly are. Also, this is a prerequisite to the ROAR Instructors Certification class.

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5-Week Training with...

Review of the Training Material

5 (five) 90min 

5 (five) 30min 
1:1 Sessions

5 (five) 90min 
Practice Calls

The Art of BEING a Practitioner

The Depth of the ROAR Technique:
Diagnosis & Treatment Plan  
(Part 1 & 2)  

 Therapeutic Container

 The secrets of the facilitator/client relationship

Setting Clear boundaries, Informed Consent & Trust-Building

Trusting Your Energetic Awareness & Speaking To What’s In the Room

 Biz Time

The keys to build your business step by step to success

Your Services: Pricing, Packaging & Promoting

BEING The CEO Of Your Business

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Oh, you'll also get these!

Burning the Gaslight Out

Usually $ 397 USD

What's eating you? 


Usually $ 297 USD

Creation for Your Future

Usually $ 97 USD


Yes! $ 791 USD worth in bonuses if you sign up before August 21st

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5 (five)
 1:1 Supervision Sessions
5 (five) Teaching Calls
5 (five) Practice Group calls   

+ Burning the Gastlight Out Combo
+ What's eating you?
+ Creation for Your Future
$ 791 usd in bonuses

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$1,800 USD


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3 monthly payments of

$665 USD

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