I am ready to work with you and show you the way.

Picture yourself embarking on a transformative journey, one where you break free from the invisible shackles that have held you back. It's time to shed the weight of unresolved trauma, abuse, and the silent echoes of PTSD that have clouded your path.

I'm here, not just to walk with you, but to light the way. With years of experience in guiding individuals through the darkest of memories to find their inner light, I understand the nuances of hidden pain. You may feel stuck, sensing that something from your past is anchoring you down, manifesting as depression, anxiety, or a pervasive loss of self-esteem.

But what if I told you that it doesn't have to be this way? That your past doesn't define your future?

Together, we will embark on a journey of discovery and healing. We'll navigate the complexities of your experiences, and I'll support you every step of the way as you reclaim the life you deserve. A life brimming with joy, confidence, and a newfound sense of freedom.

If any of this resonates with you, if you're ready to close the chapter on what was and open your heart to what can be, then let's begin. It's time to create your rich and fulfilling future, starting now. Say yes to healing, and let's unlock the door to your extraordinary life.

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In a world that seems to be constantly shifting beneath our feet, where change is the only constant, there stands an unparalleled opportunity for transformation. The present moment is ripe with potential—for healing, for growth, for being a beacon of hope and progress. The time to act, to be part of something profoundly positive, is NOW.

You may have walked through fires of tragedy, swam through floods of trauma, or been shadowed by clouds of deceit and scarcity. But here's the unwavering truth: YOU possess the strength to shatter those bonds.

Embrace the power of the ROAR Method®, a revolutionary approach that places the reins of your history—and your destiny—firmly in your grasp. This isn't just about managing your past; it's about rewriting the script of your life. It's your key to breaking free from the deep-seated beliefs and patterns that have kept you from tasting the full spectrum of life's offerings—happiness, joy, freedom, intimacy, and the sheer exhilaration of being alive.

Step forward and liberate yourself from the invisible prison of past abuse. Revel in the life that's been waiting for you, unfold your true potential, and become the living testament of the gift you were always meant to be.

Join our community, and together, let's unlock the doors to a life of unbounded possibility. Say yes to this journey, and let's celebrate the vibrant, full life that's calling your name.

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Experience soul work sessions at a deep level... 

Dive deep into the heart of transformation with soul work that doesn't just skim the surface, but reaches into the core of your being.

Are you navigating the relentless currents of a high-powered career, the ceaseless demands of family, and a whirlwind of personal and community obligations? Do you feel like you're treading water, barely keeping afloat amidst this storm of responsibilities? Beneath it all, do haunting shadows of your past obstruct the path to the life you yearn for?

It's time for a breakthrough.

Welcome to the VIP Immersion Program—a sanctuary where, over three immersive days, you and I will journey together through an intensive one-on-one experience tailored to catapult your personal evolution and elevate your overall life satisfaction. This exclusive program is your fast track to healing, designed to propel you forward, past the barriers of trauma and blockages that have kept you from reaching your zenith.

Bid farewell to the chains that bind you to a lesser version of your story. Embrace control and step boldly into the life you deserve with the VIP Immersion Program. This is more than just an investment in self-improvement; it's a commitment to becoming the architect of your own destiny.

Don't let another moment slip by in the shadow of what could be. Seize this opportunity and let's unlock the extraordinary life that awaits. Your best life is not just a dream—it's within reach. Let the VIP Immersion Program be the key.

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"She took me back to this place in my childhood and she started clearing and releasing people off of me. I was gagging, heaving, my whole body was shaking, I was soaking through my clothes. Releasing, releasing, releasing. It was crazy. I barely remember getting off the Zoom."

Client response (name not disclosed due to privacy)


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Embark on a life-changing journey right NOW!

Our self-paced programs are your gateway to the transformative power of the ROAR® Method. They're not just an introduction—they are your ongoing companion, a roadmap to liberation from the unseen boundaries that confine you.

Picture yourself mastering the 12 dynamic steps of this methodology, each one crafted to seamlessly integrate into your daily life, catapulting you towards freedom and growth. These steps will become your trusted guide, a tool you can return to time and again as you navigate the complexities of life.

This is your invitation to break free, to transcend the limitations that have been holding you back. With these steps, you will unlock new levels of self-awareness, empowerment, and resilience.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to start living the life you've imagined. The perfect moment is right here, right now. Begin your transformative journey with the ROAR® Method today, and step into a world of endless possibilities. Say yes to yourself, and let's unlock the door to your fullest potential.

Take back your life.

Start creating the life you desire. This mini challenge will introduce you to the 4C's used in the ROAR Method®.

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Get free of daily issues.

Using the basic ROAR Method®.  Dr. Lisa explores daily topics and how to get unstuck from them.

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Embrace all of you.

Learn the ROAR Method® with Dr. Lisa for your own personal growth and the possibility to share with others.

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It's Published!

The Wait is Over – Your Guide to a Richer Life Awaits!

Unlock the secrets to living fully and authentically with our newly published book! This isn't just any book; it's a journey into mastering the art of engagement with life itself. Imagine forging connections that resonate with truth and depth, nurturing relationships that glow with authenticity.

Envision yourself leading projects with a newfound clarity and focus, steering them towards triumphant finishes. Picture a world where you embrace your unique physical beauty with serenity and acceptance, free from the critical voices of the past.

This book is your compass to navigate the complexities of life with grace and confidence. It's a treasure trove of wisdom that will illuminate your path to personal excellence.

Embrace this opportunity to transform your approach to life and relationships. Say yes to a new chapter, and let's turn the pages of possibility together. Your copy of fulfillment and self-discovery is here, and it's just waiting for you to claim it.



"After reading the book of Dr. Lisa Cooney, Creating after Abuse, and self-experiencing the knowledge of this book I decided to do Pro- bono therapy for ten schools in these states of México."  -Lucero Molina White.

In a world that's constantly evolving, amidst all the chaos and the relentless tide of change, your moment to rise and make a difference is right NOW.

You've weathered life's storms, endured tragedies, and navigated through the tangled webs of deception and scarcity. But the time has come to shed those heavy chains. You are stronger than the obstacles you've faced, and you have the power to emerge victorious.

The ROAR Method® is your key to liberation. It's not just a technique; it's a revolution of the soul that places you firmly at the helm of your life's journey. This transformative approach will equip you with the tools to shatter the old patterns and limiting beliefs that have stifled your access to true happiness, joy, freedom, and the depths of intimacy.

This is your invitation to step out of the shadows and into the light of your full potential. Together, we can dismantle the invisible barriers that abuse has constructed around you, unleashing the incredible life that awaits.

Join our movement and reclaim the essence of who you are meant to be. Don't just live—thrive, and become the living embodiment of the gift you were always meant to share with the world. Your time is now. Embrace it.

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"WOW  is all I can say today . I'm honestly pinching my self .... is this really happening to me. I am beside myself ... speechless really, What a gift you are, truly." 

Client response (name not disclosed due to privacy)

I'm so grateful for Dr. Lisa for bringing me back, present and in control of my life!" 

Cristhiane, Brazil

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