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With the acknowledgment of you, choosing for you, committing to you, collaborating with all to bless you; and creating the life you desire. This mini challenge will introduce you to the 4C's used in the ROAR® Technique.

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Using the basic ROAR® technique Dr. Lisa explores daily topics and how to get unstuck from them.

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Living Your ROAR®

(Radically Orgasmic Alive Reality)

Discover for yourself the unique methodology called ROAR® that has thousands of people around the world saying, “Thank you. I feel freer than I ever have before.”



Hi. I’m Dr. Lisa.

With all that is going on in the world, with all that has changed and continues to change, there is no better time than NOW to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

What do I mean by problem?

As long as we stay connected to limitations we stay connected to the problem. As long as we avoid facing our past, it has power over us. 

No matter the tragedy or trauma you’ve experienced, no matter the lies or lack you’ve been living with, isn’t it time to THRIVE?

Using the ROAR® Technique puts you in charge of your past - and your LIFE. It will empower you to unlock yourself from programming and conditioning that’s prevented you from having the happiness, joy, freedom, intimacy and full experience of living… until now 

That’s what Living Your Radically Orgasmic Alive Reality is all about: getting free from the invisible cage of abuse so that you can spread your wings, enjoy your life and be the gift you’re here to be.

Join us and let's ROAR, together!


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"I had a motorcycle accident and broke my foot in 2017. I've been dependent on sleeping medication ever since. After I took the ROAR® class in November 2019 in Brazil with Dr. Lisa, I reduced my medication to half! I was so angry at myself regarding the pills addiction that I decided to take a 15 minutes private session with her. It was so intense, vivid and liberating.. and I finally slept without medicine. I don't remember the last time I did this. I'm so grateful for Dr. Lisa for bringing me back, present and in control of my life!" 

Cristhiane, Brazil

I'm so grateful for Dr. Lisa for bringing me back, present and in control of my life!" 

Cristhiane, Brazil

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