Trauma Into Beauty

If your end goal is to create a greater life and overcome the obstacles of the past and present that stand in your way.

You are at the right place!

Feel like life's stuck on a loop, playing the same old sorrows on repeat? Are the echoes of yesteryear's pain casting shadows over the brilliance of tomorrow? It's time to press "play" on your future—a future where you're the lead, not a cameo in your own story.

Imagine a life where each day is a fresh canvas, gleaming with possibilities, and you’re the artist with a palette where every color sings with joy. It's time to release the burdens that have clipped your wings, to let your spirit soar, and to etch your dreams onto the sky for the world to see.

Are you ready to transform "what ifs" into "watch me"? To take the reins and gallop full-speed into a horizon that's been waiting just for you? Let's embark on this adventure together—your epic saga awaits.

Say goodbye to rewind, and hello to a resounding "hell yeah"! Your journey to greatness is just one click away.

Embrace Your Epic Future
Dr. Lisa Cooney


The moment has arrived to cast off the anchor of the past and set sail towards your destined horizon. Your transformation is not just a possibility; it's awaiting your command. Click now, and let's chart the course to your extraordinary evolution.

Begin Your Transformation Journey
Psychotherapy and counseling


Embark on a voyage of discovery where each page holds a key to deeper wisdom. My words are the compass that will guide you through the landscapes of your mind and spirit. Are you ready to journey side by side into realms of revelation and growth?

Unveil Your Journey Within
Trauma therapy

Wellness Arsenal

Elevate your wellness journey with a handpicked collection of tools, each one a steadfast ally in your quest for health and harmony. Step into a world where your well-being is the priority, and empower yourself with resources that champion your vitality.

Discover Your Wellness Arsenal

Time to move forward. Click to schedule your transformation.

Begin Your Transformation Journey

Turn the page, unlock truth. My words, your guide. Let's journey together.

Unveil Your Journey Within

Wellness Arsenal
Fuel your well-being: curated tools, trusted allies, all in your wellness arsenal.

Discover Your Wellness Arsenal

Introducing Dr. Lisa, Your Compassionate Guide to Renewal

A seasoned Licensed Psychotherapist and LMFT, Dr. Lisa has devoted over 25 years to nurturing the growth and resilience of individuals and couples. In the heart of life's storms—be it recovering from trauma, forging deeper connections, or discovering your life's calling—find sanctuary in Dr. Lisa's safe and supportive care. Conveniently located in Arlington, Texas, with the added flexibility of teletherapy, transformative sessions are within your reach, wherever you are.

Dr. Lisa's unwavering belief in your inner strength is the compass that will guide your journey toward healing. As a specialist in trauma, abuse, and PTSD, she is equipped to help you unlock your innate power, equip you with robust coping strategies, and illuminate the path to a future filled with hope.

  • In-depth Expertise
  • Transformative Empowerment
  • Adaptive and Supportive Care

Embrace the change you've been yearning for. Begin your transformative journey with Dr. Lisa today.

Unlock Your Journey to Healing

Awaken the Master Within – Design a Life You Adore

Does life feel like a relentless tide, leaving you adrift in a sea of stress and unfulfilled dreams? When the demands of a high-stakes career, family responsibilities, personal goals, and community duties converge, it can feel like an insurmountable wave. And beneath it all, do the silent whispers of unresolved issues and past traumas keep you from reaching the shores of your potential?

You are not alone, and there is a beacon of hope. I am here to offer you the keys to unlock your inner wisdom and chart a course to a life that resonates with passion, clarity, and joy.


Embrace Your Transformation

Unleash your inner wisdom and create a life you truly love.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stuck in life? Do you have a high-pressure career, family needs, personal commitments and community obligations that you are struggling to manage? Do you feel like there are underlying issues and past traumas that are preventing you from living your best life? If so, I have the perfect solution for you.

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Journey from Shadow to Sunrise

Let these testimonials be your beacon, as each story reflects a brave soul's passage from the depths of struggle to the heights of triumph. These voices resonate with the strength of transformation, guiding you from the night of adversity to the dawn of personal power.

Embark on Your Transformation Journey – Begin Now!

Seize the day and dive into a world of self-empowerment with our self-paced programs. Step by step, you'll be immersed in the revolutionary ROAR® Method, a compass for navigating beyond the confines of your invisible cage. Master the 12 transformative steps, and you'll find them becoming a natural part of your everyday life—unlocking doors to freedom you never knew existed.


Unlock the Secrets to Freedom with "Cage Talks"

Delve into the "Cage Talks" series—a collection of 10 transformative sessions led by Dr. Lisa, designed to liberate you from the constraints that bind you. Each call is a key to unlocking aspects of your life where you feel trapped, be it money woes, body image battles, relationship riddles, healing hurdles, and more. You have the power to choose—select individual sessions that resonate with you or embrace the entire series at an exclusive rate!

Unlock Your Freedom

Experience the Power of Embracing Your ROAR® 

Discover a transformative approach to emotional wellness with "Embracing Your ROAR®." Clients have found in Dr. Lisa a therapist who not only understands their unique journey but also fosters monumental strides in their emotional health. Skeptical about online therapy? Prepare to be amazed. Dr. Lisa's unparalleled expertise transcends the digital divide, offering a connection so profound and a professional touch so genuine, it redefines therapeutic relationships.

Clients rave about the leaps they've made toward better mental health, achieving levels of well-being they once thought unattainable—all with Dr. Lisa's guidance. Join the ranks of those uplifted and renewed. With "Embracing Your ROAR®," the path to optimal mental health isn't just a vision; it's within your grasp.

Embrace Your Path to Wellness

Get Started TODAY!!!

These self-paced programs will introduce you to the ROAR® Method and continue to be a reference and guide to breaking free from the invisible cage. With the 12 different steps to the methodology, you can use them in your daily life and beyond.


What are "Cage Talks"?

  Cage Talks is a 10-call series (can be chosen individually) where Dr. Lisa will "uncage" topics like money, body, relationships, healing, and MORE. You can choose as many calls as you desire or get the package for a special price!

With each call, you will get: Videos with Dr. Lisa broken down to walk you through each topic. A printable worksheet to walkthrough your own cage. Releasing processes. And more.


How does Embracing Your ROAR work?

Dr. Lisa is the first therapist I've had who really gets me and helps me make progress in my emotional health goals. I never would have thought I could have this close and impactful a relationship with a therapist online, but Dr. Lisa is a total pro. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she has helped me to achieve better mental health than I dreamed was possible

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