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Wellness Arsenal

Imagine a suite of energy tools that become your daily companions, offering you strength, balance, and rejuvenation. These devices aren't just part of my routine; they are a cornerstone of my well-being, supporting me through every facet of life—from the invigorating moments post-workout, to the introspective times following deep emotional releases, and even during those days when I need a gentle lift.

As beings of energy, we thrive on harmony and vitality. With the help of these holistic wellness frequencies, I experience an instantaneous boost—a 'lift' that permeates my being, enhancing my personal space both inside and out. Each day, I am gifted with an upgrade to my well-being, anchoring me in a state of serene peace that I consider the ultimate form of wealth.

These devices are more than tools; they're extensions of my philosophy of inner health. Portable and convenient, they travel with me wherever I go, embodying the essence of having a personal wellness physician at my fingertips. It's my joy to say that with these in hand, I am empowered to BE that source of wellness for myself.

Now, I invite you to discover this same sense of elevated well-being, to feel the transformation that comes from aligning with your inner energy. Embrace the journey toward centered peace and holistic health—it's the best investment you can make in yourself.

Holistic Health isn't simply a concept—it's the exquisite symphony of body, mind, and spirit dancing in perfect harmony, fueling an all-encompassing sense of well-being and vibrant energy. It's the key to unlocking your full potential, allowing you to engage with every moment of life with presence and joy.

To guide you on your path to this unified state of health, we've curated a selection of Healy Editions, each artfully combining a Healy device with tailored Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) program groups. These are your tools for fine-tuning your bioenergetic field, bringing balance and resonance to every cell of your being.

Each Healy Edition is more than a product—it's a promise of rejuvenation and a step towards the ultimate alignment of your vital forces. Let's embark on this journey of transformation together. With Healy by your side, every day is an opportunity to flourish in the fullness of health. Say yes to a life lived wholly, vibrantly, and in true harmony.

Find the Healy Edition that Fits Your Needs


I'm not just a fan—I'm a wholehearted convert, and as a proud woman business owner, my passion for clean, nurturing skin products knows no bounds. My subscription is my monthly thrill, a trove of treats ranging from luxurious cleansers and sumptuous creams to life-enhancing supplements. Yes, I'm a goop devotee through and through. Yet, my admiration isn't swayed by star power; it's rooted in a genuine, personal connection. I've met Gwyneth. I know her. And from one soul to another, I can tell you hers shines brightly.

What truly captivates me is her business savvy, the way she's expanded her empire to embrace a community of healers, seekers, therapists, and beyond—venturing into the realms of psychedelics, functional medicine, and so much more. Her vision resonates with my own, and I am in awe of the spaces she's creating in this world.

For those on a path to healing, goop might just be your gateway to the unexpected—a discovery, a person, or an experience that you never imagined would cross your path. So, here's to goop and the incredible journey it invites us on!

Embark on this exploration of beauty, wellness, style, food, and travel. Your questions have answers waiting to be uncovered, and goop is the place to begin. Lean in, say yes to this journey of discovery, and let goop guide you to treasures you've yet to imagine.


Oprah's journey strikes a profound chord within me, resonating with a truth that's impossible to ignore. Here is a woman who, despite the heavy cloak of abuse, has not only found her voice but has amplified it to echo across the globe. Her indomitable spirit is a testament to what it means to live at the zenith of spiritual existence. She has soared beyond the imaginable, shattering ceilings and inspiring millions. Her unique Soul Print consciousness serves as a beacon, reminding me of my own distinct path and fueling my ambition to leave an indelible mark upon the world, much like Oprah has.

As a devoted daily follower, I am continually inspired to weave the art of living well into the fabric of every day. This aligns seamlessly with my own practice, Creation Station, where I absorb wisdom from the world and channel it into a source of inspiration and flourishing vitality for those who seek my guidance.

Join me in staying connected with all things Oprah. Gain access to exclusive insights on crafting your ultimate life and become part of our exclusive community, where we share, grow, and celebrate the journey of living well together. This is your invitation to step into a circle of empowerment and start living your best life, every single day. Lean in, seize this opportunity, and let the wisdom of Oprah illuminate your path.


Every Sunday, I eagerly anticipate the profound exploration and the rich depth that comes from the soulful and heartfelt inquiry of the Sunday Paper. Maria Shriver's words are nothing short of brilliant—each phrase and sentence artfully crafted to pierce the heart and awaken the spirit, inviting us all to 'rise above the noise.' Her passion, her very essence, is woven into the fabric of this creation. I can feel it pulsating through every line, a rhythmic inspiration urging me to become a better version of myself with each passing day.

To live a life that's vibrantly and radically alive, we must consciously step beyond the shadows of our past—our traumas, tragedies, and heartbreaks. Maria's work embodies this philosophy with unwavering regularity, through her personal essays and prayers that resonate with authenticity and transformative power.

Now, I extend this invitation to you: Become an Architect of Change. Embrace the opportunity to shape not just your own life, but the world around you. Join us on this journey of growth and enlightenment, and let the Sunday Paper be your blueprint for a life constructed with intention, heart, and unyielding courage.


Discover the Heart of Healing with the Joyful Heart Foundation

Envision a world where the shadows of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse have been banished—a world where every individual's right to safety and joy is fiercely protected. This is the world Mariska Hargitay dreams of through the Joyful Heart Foundation, and it's a dream that resonates deeply with my own mission to support those who have survived sexual abuse and to tirelessly work towards the eradication of all forms of abuse.

It was a moment of profound connection when I discovered the Joyful Heart Foundation and the expansive support it provides—not only to survivors of assault but also to the dedicated practitioners and organizations that stand with them. My heart aches when I hear the harrowing tales from my clients, stories of their assailants walking free due to the devastating reality of unprocessed rape kits.

This is where our collective action can ignite change. I invite you to join us in this crucial cause. By visiting, you can make your voice heard. This powerful platform empowers you to reach out to state and federal elected officials with ease and urgency, advocating for an end to the rape kit backlog.

Together, we can be a force for justice and healing. Let's unite to support the Joyful Heart Foundation's vision and ensure that survivors receive the resolution and closure they deserve. Click on the link, take a stand, and be a part of this transformative movement. Your involvement could be the key to unlocking a future where freedom from violence is not just a hope, but a reality for all.


Imagine starting each day with a key to unlock the mysteries of your personal journey—this is the magic of numerology, a fascination that beautifully intertwines with the rhythm of my daily and annual life. Each morning, I immerse myself in the wisdom of numbers, and I'm continuously amazed by how the day's insights and the week's guidance infuse me with the strength to navigate life's rollercoaster of events.

The precision of the monthly and yearly focuses is not only enlightening; it fills me with a sense of enduring hope. My experience has been so enriching that I couldn't keep it to myself—Christine's work has become my go-to gift for loved ones, including my wife and friends, as well as a treasured compass in my own pursuit of excellence.

CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY is more than just an understanding of numbers—it's a personalized roadmap that illuminates where you stand in your life's journey and supports you as you move through the ever-present uncertainties of life. Discover the significance of your Life Path and Family numbers, and let your personal Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Numerology Forecasts guide you.

Dive into the depths of CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY and let the wisdom of numbers transform the way you perceive and traverse your world. Say yes to this journey of discovery, and watch as the story of your life unfolds with newfound clarity and purpose.


Unveil Your Strength with The Body Artist, Christopher Jackson

Dive into a world where early mornings are transformed into an exhilarating fusion of fitness and friendship. Christopher Jackson isn't just a trainer; he's a titan of motivation, a maestro of movement who speaks the language of resilience and determination—sprinkled with that unmistakable NY flair.

In the quiet of dawn, when the world was hushed and the pandemic loomed large, Christopher was the one who stood ready to meet me, to push limits in the stillness of a garage while the city slept. His dedication to our clandestine workouts became a beacon of normalcy in those uncertain times.

But it's not just his willingness to rise before the sun that sets him apart. Christopher possesses an intuitive understanding of the body, seamlessly adapting each session to meet its whispers and roars. Whether navigating the road to recovery post-surgery, pursuing peak athletic training, or seeking that spark of healing, he tailors each experience with precision and care—and always with an encouraging smile and the reassuring promise that "this too shall pass."

Ready to redefine your limits and unleash your potential? Connect with Christopher Jackson:

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @Seejackflyfit

Step into your power and shape a stronger, more vibrant you. With Christopher by your side, every sweat-drenched session is a promise of transformation. Say yes to this journey with The Body Artist, and let's sculpt the masterpiece that is your physique.

Discover Wholeness with Dr. Will Cole

In a world where the mind and body are often treated as separate entities, Dr. Will Cole stands as a visionary, championing the essential truth that mental health is just as vital as physical health. His groundbreaking work doesn't just bridge the gap—it unites the two in a holistic approach to wellness that speaks to the core of who we are.

With his insightful books and dietary wisdom, Dr. Cole tackles the root antagonist of well-being: inflammation. "The Inflammation Spectrum" and "Gut Feelings" aren't merely publications; they are invaluable resources, guiding lights on the path to mental clarity and physical vitality. These tomes are a must-have for those who seek to educate themselves on the profound connection between mind, body, and the foods we consume.

Inspired by his teachings, my beloved and I have embarked on a transformative culinary journey, reshaping our diet and, in turn, experiencing a remarkable shift in our mental sharpness and physical health. The results are palpable, and I've become a fervent advocate for the power of functional medicine.

Are you ready to embrace a life where balance and health are not just aspirations but realities? Dive into the wisdom of Dr. Will Cole and witness the change that follows when you align your lifestyle with the principles of functional medicine. Say yes to this integrated approach to health, and let Dr. Cole guide you to a state of complete harmony and vibrancy.


Work 1:1 with Dr. Lisa 

Step into the realm of transformation with a world-renowned psychologist at the helm, Dr. Lisa – a trailblazer renowned for pioneering fresh and effective approaches to conquering life's hurdles and crafting a magnificent existence.

Dr. Lisa's journey is one of awe-inspiring resilience; she has not only triumphed over years of multifaceted abuse but has also forged a beacon of hope for countless others. She has dedicated herself to the noble cause of illuminating the truth that every individual is significant, deserving, and capable of sculpting a future that transcends their past.

Imbued with the wisdom of personal triumph, Dr. Lisa doesn't just teach her strategies; she embodies them. Every tool she shares has been a pivotal part of her own journey to healing and empowerment. Her approach is unfiltered, authentic, and deeply committed—she's with you every step of the way, steadfast until the end.

Connect with the authenticity and tenacity of Dr. Lisa. Allow her life's work to inspire your own path to healing and fulfillment. She doesn't just speak of change; she is the living proof of its possibility. Join her, and together, let's create a life that's not only great—it's extraordinary.