There Are Three Main Lies Of Money

Would you like to step out of the lies and into the wealth of being you?

"I was in shock, looking behind me and thinking, What does it mean to have your own back with money? What does it mean to really, really have your own back and stand up in the world and not depend on anybody, not project on anybody, not pull from anybody, not suck from anybody, not victimize yourself in order to get money, not defend against authority, not even align with the tragedy or the trauma or the drama of your own story? Because, believe you me, if you want to sit around and talk about story, I got one.”

Living A Radically Alive Reality

The Radically Alive Beyond Abuse book was the gateway to Dr. Lisa creating the ROAR Technique used in her signature classes.

"Everything was taken away, every bit of money and access to any money that I had ever had in my life through my father was completely taken away with his death. I stood there, having no access to any cash, no access to any bank accounts, credit cards, nothing. At that gas station that day, I knew that my father was gone and there was not one person on this planet that I could rely on to help me financially."

"Working out of the Lies of Money, I got my new job. I can now make in a week what I used to make in a month!"

Dallas TX

"I am a powerful creator and my choice to experience money as: all my Bills are Paid and I have more coming in than going out. I created this though my choice."

Denver CO

"I was not paying attention to all those miracles! WOW! Thank you, Dr. Lisa Cooney!!"

Dallas TX

"It is almost indescribable, but the one thing I can tell you is that if you’re asking for change and you really desire it, Dr. Lisa Cooney can take you there in a magical, kind, humorous, and potent way"

Owner Cedar Haven Stables Cedar Hill TX

Dr. Lisa Cooney

Dr. Lisa Cooney is a leading authority on thriving after childhood sexual abuse. She travels the globe teaching and facilitating hundreds of people to discover and uncover a lighter, more expansive version of themselves – with more fun, play and ease. She’s found that success, money, health, and loving relationships naturally flow to you when you free yourself from the trauma of the past and open yourself up to a whole new way of creating your life and living.


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