Thrive after trauma and abuse
Thrive after trauma and abuse

Embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery with a compassionate and seasoned guide by your side. As a licensed psychotherapist, with over a quarter-century of expertise in Texas and California, I am devoted to supporting individuals and couples on their paths to personal transformation.

Whether you prefer the warmth of face-to-face interaction in Arlington, Texas, or the convenience and flexibility of teletherapy, I tailor each session to harmonize with your life's rhythm. Your sessions with me are sanctuaries of trust and openness—a haven where your voice is not only heard but deeply valued.

Your healing is my highest mission. In our time together, you'll find a refuge where you can express yourself freely and embark on a transformative process in a secure and affirming environment. Let's navigate the road to wellness together, fostering a space where you can truly thrive.

Embark on a collaborative quest with me, where we will craft a bespoke treatment plan meticulously designed to propel you toward triumph and fulfillment in every facet of your life. My approach is a unique alchemy of robust psychological techniques fused with cutting-edge modalities, all tailored to reawaken your connection to your core self.

As we delve into this deeply personal journey, we'll unearth and dismantle the barriers that have obstructed your path. Together, we'll navigate through the complexities of your inner world, tapping into your innate strength and wisdom. Our goal is not just to move forward but to soar—to reach heights of success and satisfaction that resonate with the essence of who you are.

Let's begin this transformative adventure, where every step is an act of self-discovery and every milestone a testament to your potential. Say yes to a life where you flourish, unburdened by the past and inspired by a future of your own making.

I don't just empathize with your struggles—I've walked through the fire of adversity myself. My own life has been a battlefield where I've confronted severe, life-threatening challenges and the shadows of ingrained trauma. I've stared down the demons of addiction and navigated the tumultuous waters of relationship drama. My journey has been one of not just change, but profound transformation.

As we partner together, you'll meet more than a psychologist—you'll find a genuine ally, a real and authentic guide standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you as we hone in on the changes you yearn to make. You have the strength within you, and with our alliance, you will not just persevere—you will flourish.

Embrace this moment as your call to action. With me by your side, your path to thriving is clearer than ever. Let's step forward into this journey of transformation, together.

How To Get Started

Your transformative journey begins with a single, decisive step: scheduling your initial session with Dr. Lisa. This isn't just a preliminary meeting; it's the foundation of a profound partnership. In this full session, Dr. Lisa will not only learn about you and your world but will also spring into action, setting the stage for dynamic change.

Dr. Lisa is known for her ability to dive deep from the very start, ensuring that you gain valuable insights and strategies right from the outset. Together, you will explore and establish the most effective treatment plan, tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

As you progress, Dr. Lisa will expertly guide you on the ideal length and regularity of sessions to maximize your growth. And for those who seek a more intensive approach—whether couples or individuals facing urgent hurdles—Dr. Lisa offers the possibility of extended 2-hour appointments. These sessions, crafted under her discerning direction, can accelerate your path to resolution and healing.

Don't wait any longer to take control of your story. Book your session with Dr. Lisa now, and step forward into a future crafted by understanding, expertise, and genuine care.

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