Thrive after trauma and abuse
Thrive after trauma and abuse

I am a I am a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Texas and California with more than 25 years working with individuals and couples. I offer both in-person (Arlington, Texas) and teletherapy sessions to fit your schedule. Top priority in your session is providing a safe space where you can speak openly, you can be heard, and you can begin to heal.

Together we will create a treatment plan that allows you to move forward and result in success and satisfaction in every area of your life. I balance strong psychological methods with the other advanced modalities that help you reconnect with yourself and uncover the destructive elements that are holding you back.

I have a deep understanding of the challenges you are facing.  In my own life, I have successfully tackled serious life-threatening issues and deep-rooted trauma. I have faced addictions and relationship drama head on. I know what it takes to change, not laterally, but literally. 

Working with me, you will discover a psychologist who is real, authentic, and stands there with you to target whatever you desire to change. You got this! Working together, you will thrive.

How To Get Started

Book your first appointment with Dr. Lisa where she will get to know you and the two of you can discuss the optimal treatment plan.

Dr. Lisa often dives straight in with her clients so your initial session will be a full session with the addition to getting to know each other.

During that session, she will suggest the best duration and frequency of future appointments. (Note that she also allows for booking of 2-hour appointments which can be especially helpful for couples or individuals who are navigating challenges that require expedited resolution. Scheduling these sessions are directed by Dr. Lisa. )

raw & real with Dr. Lisa

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