Pulls Of Possibility

If you have ever taken a class with Dr. Lisa, you will remember the focus she creates around being and expanding ener...

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Being A Money Magnet

Dr. Lisa Cooney, author of- Lies Of Money, Who Are You Being, created a 12 day/ 4 week course to remind you of t...

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What's Eating You? Dissolving The Weight Of Judgment

If you’re carrying around mass, density and obesity that doesn’t feel like you… chances are&hellip...

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Gaslight No More

  After accepting the challenge herself, Dr Lisa Cooney is inviting you to: 22 days of Gaslight No More, e...

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The Distance Between Us- Relationships Uncovered

 Join Dr. Lisa for a totally different conversation about relationships; the possibilities and wisdom they have ...

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Pulls Of Possibility-Creating More

Another 21 days of Possibilities Have you taken a class with Dr. Lisa? Then you may remember the focus she crea...

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Money Magic | Money Flow

How to stop blocking your real capacity to generate, create and receive massive amounts of money...And make if fun, f...

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The Art Of Fantastical Facilitation

Learn everything you need to facilitate core healing for your clients - completely - in rapid time...Design compellin...

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