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ROAR® Courses

Create Your Life

With the acknowledgment of you, you can start creating the life you desire. This mini challenge will introduce you to the 4C's used in the ROAR® Technique and get you ready for Actualize Your Asks!

$22 USD

Actualize Your Asks!

With 4 steps designed by Dr. Lisa using The ROAR® Technique, you will be able to see your asks actualize faster than you thought was possible! The Power is yours to choose to activate.

$197 USD

Get started today!!

Dr. Lisa will guide you through ALL of the elements that make up her groundbreaking technique. She leads you to discover your Radically Orgasmic Alive Reality! 

$359 USD

The Cage Talks - Get Unstuck!

Learn to use the basic ROAR® Technique with Dr. Lisa as she takes you through the cage in each topic. Learn More

Get All 10 Cage Talks

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$275 USD

ThetaHealing™ Courses

ThetaHealing™ Courses 

Join the ThetaHealing™ Experience this year with Dr. Lisa.

Join Dr. Lisa in an immersion, a single course or any mixture of courses this year. Dr. Lisa has a full schedule planned for this year.

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Manifest The Abundance

You know is possible with this ThetaHealing™ Experience

Three (3) guided meditations to let go of 30 beliefs that are stopping you from manifesting the abundance you know is possible for your life.

$147 USD