Experience the ROAR Method

Self paced courses

Create Your Life

This mini challenge will introduce you to the 4C's used in the ROAR Method™ 

  • Choose
  • Commit
  • Collaborate
  • Create

$22 USD

Get Present with You.

Have you desired to create a daily practice of presence with yourself?

  • Time for YOU
  • More awareness
  • Presence in any situation
  • Tools to navigate distraction


Actualize Your Asks

This course will deepen your use of the 4C's used in The ROAR Method® 

  • Choose
  • Commit
  • Collaborate
  • Create

$88 USD

Step Into Action

Join Dr. Lisa in taking action for change

  • Command
  • Demand
  • Request
  • Actualize
  • Receive

$88 USD

Get started today!!

Dr. Lisa will guide you through the FULL ROAR Method™ to discover your Radically Orgasmic Alive Reality!  

  • 4D's
  • 4E's
  • 4C's

$555 USD

The Cage Talks:

Learn to use the basic ROAR Method™ with Dr. Lisa as she takes you through the cage in each topic.

Get All 10 Cage Talks

Break free with Cage Talks! Dr. Lisa's 10-call series helps dismantle your deepest blocks in key areas of life. Dive deep into personal transformation.

$333 USD

Learn and experience ThetaHealing™

ThetaHealing™ Classes 

Join the ThetaHealing™ Experience this year with Dr. Lisa.

Join Dr. Lisa in an immersion, a single course or any mixture of courses this year. Dr. Lisa has a full schedule planned for this year.

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Manifest The Abundance

You know is possible with this ThetaHealing™ Experience

Three (3) guided meditations to let go of 30 beliefs that are stopping you from manifesting the abundance you know is possible for your life.

$222 USD