Fast Forward your Personal Growth.

You may have had the experience of working with a therapist on a weekly basis -just when you feel close to finding an answer your time is up.

Your life is overloaded with a high-pressure career, family needs, personal commitments and community obligations. You are juggling multiple demands and still you know there are underlying issues and past traumas that hold you back in a significant way. How do you continue to manage your life but also get past these issues that keep you from your best life?

My clients asked - How can I accelerate my progress in healing and reach my greatest life?

In answer to their needs and request, I created the VIP Immersion Program, a 3-day one on one intensive experience to help you fast forward your personal growth and life satisfaction.

Your challenges, your desires and your blocks are at the center of focus as I guide you to break down what is holding you back and discover how to move forward. We work together on your mental and physical well-being and I support you in reconnecting with your inner self and inner desires.

While each 3-Day VIP Immersion Program is customized to your unique circumstances and objectives, the overall structure of the program is outlined below.

Before Your VIP Experience 

You will be asked to complete a Pre-VIP Profile describing your goals for the VIP experience and detailing your history including aspects of your personal growth and education through childhood and into adulthood.

The VIP Profile provides a place for you to detail your past and current relationships and challenges.  You are also asked to share your career aspirations and the successes and shortfalls you have experienced.  Outlining your overall goals and current level of life satisfaction will provide key insights for me prior to the VIP experience.

Once you securely submit the VIP Profile, it will be reviewed in detail and a member of the team will reach out to schedule a live call.

During the live call, we will meet and discuss any questions that came from the VIP Profile as well as reconfirm the objectives for the VIP Immersion Program.

You will also work with Dr Lisa’s team to coordinate details for travel and lodging. (Please note that costs for travel and lodging are the responsibility of the VIP participant.)

Say YES to the the VIP Immersion

~ Elisabeth Hansen, Copenhagen

“My whole life was in an upheaval. What I got in these three days with Dr. Lisa was ME. I realized I didn’t have to work hard or contain my happiness. I discovered I could trust myself. I came alive! My eyes were sparkling and I felt bubbly all the time. I could feel my own power and the possibilities available to me. Everytime I passed a mirror I did a double-take: who was this woman looking back at me? I changed so much, as did my body and life. I was willing to both soften and shine, unapologetically, and allow my kindness and potency to emerge.

Day one is composed of multiple two-hour sessions. Together we will explore where you are, where you want to be and begin to outline how you take action to get there.

  • You will be guided to draw out the experiences and traumas that block your best life from happening.  
  • You will be guided to identify the trauma, abuse and experiences from past and present that keep you from achieving your goals.
  • You will understand why you do certain things, how they affect you and how you can change your reaction and your actions.

On Day 2, we will work together for an extended morning session, resuming the process from the prior day and weaving in both of our reflections from the first day.

  • After a light lunch, you will meet with the Bodywork assistant. Under my guidance, they
    will assist you to reconnect with your body and release the feelings that have been locked inside. This is both a relaxing and a cleansing process to integrate the work we've done to this point.
  • In the afternoon, we will resume for another extended session focused on moving out
    of your trauma and into your own beauty.

Your final day will start with a relaxing session where you will be guided to recognize your body triggers and stresses and discuss how you can mitigate these pain points. This will lead immediately into a
working session to examine any thoughts or feelings that arose during your evening reflection.  You will
also receive additional insights and recommendations coming from the work you completed on
Day 2.

  • After a light lunch, the final session with Dr Lisa will ensure you leave with an into action game plan.
  • Together we recap the amazing progress achieved during the VIP and create an inspiring set of next steps to keep your momentum moving forward.

The Overall Daily Process:

  • There will be 15-minute break between sessions.
  • Lunch will be provided based on your dietary needs and preferences.
  • Light snacks will be available throughout the day.

At the end of Day 1, you are encouraged to spend the evening quietly reflecting on the day, spending time journaling, and practicing gentle self-care. You will be provided with a journal and suggested writing topics for the evening. While you are relaxing and processing the first day, Dr. Lisa will also be reviewing her observations and preparing for Day 2 to maximize your experience.

At the end of day 2, you are encouraged to continue the work of reflection and journaling. You will be given
suggestions for specific areas or topics that are unique to you.

To close out the last day, you will schedule follow up appointments as determined by your unique needs.  At a minimum, all VIP participants are asked to schedule a 30 and 90 day follow up appointment (via Zoom or in person).

You will also take home a set of personally defined follow up work including journaling exercises, reading list and other suggested activities.


The VIP Immersion Program is right for you if you are someone who wants to experience impactful change and growth in an abbreviated period. If you are ready to dig deep, work hard and be open to listen and receive guidance and support this is your answer.


This Is EXACTLY What I 've Been Looking For


~ Lilliane Ramos, Mexico

“I was finally willing to put myself first! My heart was broken and I needed a change in my life. Then I met Dr. Lisa in Mexico. She was such a badass. She touched my soul in ways that nobody ever had.  I woke up on day three a different person. It was like magic. I came into the VIP experience practically dead. There was nothing left to live for. But with Dr. Lisa working her magic, all the heaviness was cleared, and my power strengthened.


Personal Note From Dr. Lisa

It would be my honor to support you in breaking free from limitation, past trauma and abuse and to have all that you're asking for and more.

My own experiences in clearing the past cycles of abuse allow me to bring a unique perspective. I couple my clinical training as a licensed Doctor of Psychology together with the ROAR® Method, that I created to change my own life, and help hundreds of others change theirs. 

I love to guide people to heal the wounds that they’ve carried around with them for their entire lifetime. Using my unique ROAR method coupled with other modalities, I have a gift for assisting people to break out of the invisible cage they’ve been living in.

One of my favorite moments in these immersions is watching as someone softens into being who they truly are and then blossoms, beyond the wound, beyond the healing, into their beautiful radically alive self.

I look forward to seeing you and guiding your transformation! Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa Cooney is a world-renowned authority on thriving after trauma, be it physical, emotional, sexual, or financial. Over the past 25 years she’s supported thousands of clients to live thrive after trauma. After working through her own past abuse, Dr. Lisa developed a powerful and impactful technique, called the ROAR® Method, which supports clients to break free from their invisible cage of abuse and live radically alive.

Dr. Lisa has a Doctorate in Psychology, the founder of the ROAR® Method and Master ThetaHealer from Think®. She lives in Arlington, Texas, with her partner and beloved and adorable French bulldog, Bella.


Arlington, Texas

Mexico City, Mexico

The 3-Day Immersion occurs in a luxurious environment in one of the above locations. The unique beauty and energies of the land contribute to you and your body as you let go of your limitations and uncover the true, potent you that is emerging. 


Lunch and snacks are specially prepared and provided for you during all 3 days of your VIP Immersion.


Investment includes:

  • 3 days with Dr. Lisa, full of facilitation, hands-on healing, The ROAR MethodĀ®, and more
  • Private 1:1 call and prework with Dr. Lisa prior to your arrival to prepare and be ready to maximize your experience
  • Specially prepared healthy meals and snacks

Investment does not include hotel or airfare.

Say YES to the the VIP Immersion

Past VIP clients have experienced results including:

  • Greater intimacy and pleasure in relationships
  • Finding the courage to start a new business
  • Take steps to dramatically improve their career trajectory
  • Gain renewed energy and a feeling of being alive beyond their wildest imagination.

Clients have struggled with everything from PTSD, grief, addition, anxiety and depression, anger, and even physical symptoms such as chronic pain and recurring illness and disease.

The VIP Program is for people who want dramatic change and growth in their life today.   It took more than a decade to design this program. It was created for individuals who are ready to invest in themselves, do the hard work, reconnect with world, and achieve exponential positive change in every area of their life.

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