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"She took me back to this place in my childhood and she started clearing and releasing people off of me. I was gagging, heaving, my whole body was shaking, I was soaking through my clothes. Releasing, releasing, releasing. It was crazy. I barely remember getting off the Zoom."

Client response (name not disclosed due to privacy)


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These self-paced programs will introduce you to the ROAR® Method and continue to be a reference and guide to breaking free from the invisible cage. With the 12 different steps to the methodology, you can use them in your daily life and beyond.

Take back your life.

Start creating the life you desire. This mini challenge will introduce you to the 4C's used in the ROAR Method®.

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Get free of daily issues.

Using the basic ROAR Method®.  Dr. Lisa explores daily topics and how to get unstuck from them.

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Embrace all of you.

Learn the ROAR Method® with Dr. Lisa for your own personal growth and the possibility to share with others.

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It's Published!

This book will teach you effective engagement with life, showing you the way to authentic relationships with people, to seeing projects through to successful completion, to serenity and acceptance of your own physical beauty.


With all that is going on in the world, with all that has changed and continues to change, there is no better time than NOW to be part of the solution.

No matter the tragedy or trauma you’ve experienced, no matter the lies or lack you’ve been living with, YOU CAN BREAK FREE.

Using the ROAR Method® puts you in charge of your past - and your LIFE. It will empower you to unlock yourself from programming and conditioning that’s prevented you from having the happiness, joy, freedom, intimacy and full experience of living… until now 

Join us and break free from the invisible cage of abuse so that you can enjoy your life and be the gift you’re here to be.

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"WOW  is all I can say today . I'm honestly pinching my self .... is this really happening to me. I am beside myself ... speechless really, What a gift you are, truly." 

Client response (name not disclosed due to privacy)

I'm so grateful for Dr. Lisa for bringing me back, present and in control of my life!" 

Cristhiane, Brazil

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