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Yes! It's True...

The POWER is there inside you!  You hold the power to choose, to put the past behind you and choose the future you want.

Years ago I unlocked the cage, I unlocked the tools and the secrets to choose an amazing life – to choose a life that is radically alive!!

I want to share this with YOU!!

I say YES to a Radically Orgasmic Life!

I know that I had moments when I was sure I couldn’t survive let alone thrive, but YOU DESERVE TO THRIVE. Yes YOU!!

I am going to share the techniques, the secrets, the solutions that changed my life.  I was once in a cage but not today. Today I choose to thrive!!


What's Included

  • A video guided course from Dr. Lisa weekly for 4 weeks.
  • PDF handouts for putting each step into action.
  • Questions & Comments section after each module to ask your questions.
  • An introduction into Dr. Lisa's Creation Station™


Join me to Actualize Your Ask --- let’s do it together!

This is an easy choice! I am in.

Introducing how YOU can choose!

Dr. Lisa starts your journey through the 4 Cs by introducing how YOU can choose!  She encourages and motivates you to list your asks and own them as yours.  

Stay motivated to get what you seek.

Discover how to hold steadfast and stay motivated to get what you seek.  You now know what you want to choose,  take that next step and commit to making it happen. 

YOU can choose, you can grow, you can thrive. 

For a long time, I felt trapped… caught up in a cage that revolved around limitations… I was holding onto my past, holding onto abuse, holding onto the fact that I could never have the best in anything. 
Little by little, I became drained, weak, and lost that spark in me, until almost taking my own life.
I decided that enough was enough. 
I had a chance to make a change…
… a chance to create more for ME!
After uncovering the invisible cages of constrictions and limitations I had built around me, I developed a powerful technique - The ROAR (Radically Orgasmic Alive Reality) Technique®. 
Through this, I was able to move beyond my fears, anxiety, addictions, repetitive patterns, abuse… and for once choose more of me!

 This technique allowed me to be the “Hero In My Own Story”. 

I created Actualize Your Asks to break out the 4C's on their own and give you the access to fully create your life.
Choose For YOU Today!!!

You so not have to do it alone.

Explore how you can collaborate with yourself as well as the universe and energy around you to Actualize Your Asks.  

Allow yourself to use your talents.

You will gain an understanding of your choices and the role of committing and collaborating.  The final C is Creating where you allow yourself to use your talents and ideas to make your asks real! 

Actualize Your Asks NOW!!!
I say YES to a Radically Orgasmic Life!