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"What if You Could...?"

Ā Discover the unconscious beliefs you carry with you and how the ROAR MethodĀ® can help you dissipate the beliefs that impact every area of your life

Learn about the "4Ds" that cause you to fixate on the wrongness of you

Explore the "4Es" that serve as your bridge to an amazing life

Learn how to ROARĀ® with anĀ added bonus of a 1:1 private session with Dr. Lisa.

Now only $555

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Do you want this for your life? 

*Feeling free and empowered

*Living with ease and embracing the life you want

*Motivation to choose and create 

*Removing the blocks and eliminating the patterns and emotions that keep you from strength and clarity

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How doesĀ Embracing Your ROARĀ work?

Dr. Lisa personally guides you through ALL of the elements of the ROAR MethodĀ®.Ā 

Plus you have the opportunity to experience multiple ROAR sessions as Dr. Lisa and other ROAR practitioners demonstrate how YOU can move beyond your limits.

Normally $734.Ā  Now ONLY $555!

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What is included?

  • 1:1 Private Session with Dr. Lisa
  • Overview ofĀ every element of the ROARĀ MethodĀ®
  • Six self paced modules you can watch again and again to increase your understanding of how ROARĀ® can help YOU
  • Amazing handouts that guide you through exploring the aspects of your life that keep you from your Radically Alive Orgasmic Reality!
  • Every module is guided by Dr. Lisa - a world reknown psychologist and best selling author who is committed to helping people live incredible lives
  • Relevant, real life examples that make it possible to connectĀ  ROARĀ® to your real life!Ā 

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MeetĀ Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa Cooney is a world renowned authority on thriving after trauma, be it physical, emotional or sexual. Over the past 25 years sheā€™s supported thousands of clients to break free from abuse and any form of limitation so they can create a life they truly enjoy.

She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Master ThetaHealer. She is also the creator of the ROAR MethodĀ® (Radically Orgasmic Alive Reality) technique. This cutting edge approach to transformation is based on practices she used to heal herself from early childhood abuse.

Dr. Lisa is deeply passionate about inspiring and motivating people to choose greater and allow a life of ease, joy and fun. She is also strongly moved to bridge global discrepancies of conflict and violence through tangible, kind and caring forms of conscious, mindful communication and conversations.

Join Lisa today!

This event is for you if...

  • You are looking for a radically orgasmic alive reality!!.
  • You would like to get rid of behaviors and situations that keep you from living your best life. 
  • You are looking for new tools that move you into action and let you make immediate change!
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Life changing!

I had been avoidng issues in my personal relationship and after this course I was ready to face things head on!  Once I stopped avoiding things, the postivie change was amazing!

- Tomás, Argentina


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I changed my whole perspective.  Instead of pushing opportunities away and not believing I deserved them, I let myself invite them in - at work, at home and everywhere in my life.

- Eva,  Europe 


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I now believe in myself and in my ability to be in charge of my life.  Through the course I was able to identify what stood in my way and why.  Now i feel empowered to take charge of myself and create!

- Elaine, USA


Why do I need this now?

You deserve the life you desire - NOW!   

Waiting is just leaving you stuck where you are and you continue to miss out on all the possibilities that are waiting for you!  You have the tools and desires inside you and Dr. Lisa can help you bring them alive!

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If you join us, you will get:

  • 1:1 Private Session with Dr. Lisa (Usually $375)
  • Access to SIX modules filled with tools that you can start using today!Ā  (Usually $495)
  • Experience Dr. Lisa leading multipe ROAR sessions with participants (usually $295)
  • Access to Private Sessions at a significantly reduced rate using the special discount code offered only to course participants (usually $375)


Total value of this event is $1,540.

šŸŽĀ Join us now for only $734Ā $555

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