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YES! I am ready for this Challenge.

 The 4C's are the foundation of The ROAR® Technique, used to create after clearing the cage of limitation.  This mini series was created to introduce you to the use of them and what this knowledge can contribute to you. 

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We don't often recognize that in every creation we are choosing, committing to something, collaborating with someone or something; and that leads to creation.


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With this mini challenge, you can start to...


  • Choose consciously.
  • Commit to yourself.
  • Collaborate with all things willing to contribute to you.
  • Create your amazing life.


What would you create for your life
if you knew you were in charge of creating it?


What's Included  

  • A video contribution from Dr. Lisa daily for 5 days.
  • Action steps to:
    • Choose
    • Commit
    • Collaborate
    • Create
  • Question & Comment section after each day to ask your questions.


This is an easy choice! I am in.

You may not actually be choosing for you.

What does it mean to choose for you? You will be promoted with an action that will connect you with yourself and show you what you actually would like to choose in any situation.

You are committed to something..

Are you committed to you? Explore and discover what committing to yourself looks like, smells like and feels like so that you always have a sense of you in commitment to you and your life.

You do not have to do it alone.

It's true! In this mini challenge you will find that you can collaborate to create and you most likely already are. Let's make sure it's for you and not against you.

What is creation?

Every choice you make, all of your commitments and collaborations are creating something.  This mini challenge will uncover what you would like to create and put the 4C's to work for you.

Join The Challenge
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