6 Questions To Cultivate Happiness

Many people think they’ll be happy when they have the BMW, the corporate job, the marriage to the “right person,” the white-picket fence and the 2.5 kids…

You probably know people like this, yes? I imagine as you read this you may be saying to yourself, “Oh that’s so ridiculous. I know better than that. That’s not me.”

I know you’re intelligent. I know you can spot the mistake in this kind of picket- fence-mentality. Yet I invite you to consider: is this fantasy still dwelling in your world somewhere?

Even though you may meditate and desire to be present in the moment and enjoy what is right now as it is, you may also have a secret fantasy that one day, when you have a tight, toned body; the passionate, sexy lover; and the successful business with abundant cash flows, then you will finally be happy: consistently, reliably, thoroughly happy.

If you’re nodding your head yes and know that this fantasy still has a hold on you, please know you’re not alone. We have been trained to create a life based on what we think we’re supposed to have. Even though we KNOW this is the ticket to unhappiness, we get stuck in the groove on the record that tells us, “This is the way it is.”

I’m here to wake you up from that song and remind you that the ticket to happiness is living from the inside out, rather than from the outside in.

We often use meditation or other practices to quiet the mind, to get present to the moment, and yet even with these great practices we often forget to listen to the one voice that carries with it wisdom that is ours to know. That voice is our very own.

When you take the time to tune into your inner voice and allow that wisdom to guide your choices, you cultivate happiness. When you listen within you create a new relationship with yourself based on trust and respect. These are more important ingredients to a happy life than a certain kind of car, partner or career.

Most likely you’ve spent most of your life listening to others’ voices, so it may take some time to tune in and listen to your own inner voice. Here’s a practice you can do daily to strengthen your ability to hear your inner voice so you can create your life from the inside out.


Set a timer for (at least) 15 minutes.

Ask yourself these questions:
What do I desire?

What experience am I looking for?
What will support me in having that?
What else do I desire?
What might I need to let go of to have that?
What might I need to do differently to experience that?

Listen for and write down the answers to each one. Don’t try to “figure out” the answers just let yourself write in a stream of consciousness way without editing or stopping.

“Happiness is getting quiet, listening and doing exactly what you hear.” When you listen to and act on your inner guidance, you’re living from the inside out. This is your ticket to happiness.
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