Overcoming Financial Blocks with Dr. Lisa Cooney鈥檚 Methods

Financial Barriers

Dr. Lisa Cooney: A Dedicated Therapist Guiding You to Wellness

Dr. Lisa Cooney is a dedicated psychotherapist and published author. Passionate about facilitating soul therapy, life coaching, and spiritual transformation, she specializes in guiding individuals towards inner healing and personal growth. With a wealth of experience, she guides individuals and couples on their healing journeys, ensuring a journey to wellness that is enlightening, empowering, and filled with ease.

Body Awareness: The Key to Unlocking Deeper Truths

In the intricate journey of emotional healing, body awareness emerges as a profound and often overlooked component. It's not just about recognizing physical pain or comfort; it's about understanding how our bodies communicate deeper emotional truths. For individuals seeking personal and financial growth, cultivating body awareness can be transformative.

Overcoming Financial Blocks with Dr. Lisa Cooney's Methods


Financial blocks can impede your journey to financial freedom and success. These blocks, rooted in past experiences and internal beliefs, can be addressed through transformative solutions. Dr. Lisa Cooney offers methods grounded in both psychological and financial strategies to overcome these obstacles.

Understanding Financial Blocks

Financial blocks often arise from:

  • Childhood Conditioning: Early messages about money shape lifelong beliefs.
  • Past Experiences: Previous financial hardships can cause ongoing fear and anxiety.
  • Societal Influence: Cultural norms can enforce a scarcity mindset.
  • Self-Worth Issues: Low self-esteem can lead to financial self-sabotage.
  • Inherited Beliefs: Financial attitudes can be passed down generationally.

Dr. Lisa Cooney's Approach

Dr. Lisa Cooney combines several techniques to address financial blocks, focusing on:

  1. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):

    EFT, or tapping, uses fingertip tapping on specific meridian points to release emotional tension, reducing financial stress and anxiety. Regular EFT practice can rewire negative financial patterns and foster a positive wealth mindset.
  2. Mindset Transformation:

    Shifting from scarcity to abundance involves:
    • Positive Affirmations: Repeatedly affirming positive statements about money.
    • Visualization: Visualizing financial success to align your mindset with your goals.
    • Gratitude Practice: Focusing on gratitude to attract more abundance.
  3. Healing Past Experiences:

    Therapy can help address and release negative emotions from past financial traumas, paving the way for a healthier financial mindset.
  4. Continuous Learning:

    Staying informed about personal finance, understanding financial products, and learning new saving and investing strategies are vital.

Practical Steps to Implement Dr. Lisa Cooney's Methods:

  1. Identify Your Financial Fears:

    Write down your specific financial fears.
  2. Practice EFT:

    Use EFT to address these fears, creating affirmations that promote self-acceptance.
  3. Adopt Positive Affirmations:

    Integrate affirmations into your daily routine.
  4. Visualize Success:

    Spend time visualizing your financial goals.
  5. Seek Professional Help:

    Work with a financial advisor or therapist for guidance.
  6. Stay Informed:

    Continuously educate yourself on financial matters.


Overcoming financial blocks requires a blend of emotional and practical strategies. Dr. Lisa Cooney's methods, such as EFT, mindset transformation, healing past experiences, and continuous learning, offer a comprehensive approach to breaking free from limiting beliefs and achieving financial freedom. Embrace these practices consistently to transition from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance and empowerment.

Dr. Lisa Cooney's "Lies of Money" introduces a transformative approach to financial healing, providing tools to break free from past constraints and create a new financial reality. Buy now and explore Dr. Cooney's personal journey and insights at Dr. Lisa Cooney Lies Of Money.

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Overcoming Financial Blocks with Dr. Lisa Cooney鈥檚 Methods

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