A Journey Towards Emotional Wellness and Resilience

In today’s fast-paced world, emotional wellness and personal growth are not just goals; they are necessities. Dr. Lisa Cooney, through her innovative approaches to trauma therapy and transformational healing, offers a pathway to profound personal change and empowerment. Her methods, including cutting-edge online therapy sessions and self-empowerment programs, are designed to help individuals not only overcome trauma but also to thrive.

The Power of Transformational Healing and Trauma Therapy

Transformational healing is an expansive approach that transcends traditional psychotherapy by integrating body, mind, and spirit. Studies suggest that holistic approaches to healing can lead to more sustainable emotional health and wellness. For instance, a comprehensive review by Shapiro (2002) in the Journal of Traumatic Stress highlights the efficacy of integrative therapy in trauma recovery, underscoring the importance of addressing the physiological impacts of trauma along with psychological aspects.

Dr. Cooney’s trauma therapy sessions are tailored to navigate these complexities. Whether in-person or through online therapy sessions, she ensures that therapy is accessible and adaptable to everyone’s needs, proving essential in the times of a global pandemic where many are seeking remote therapeutic support.

Wellness Tools and Resources for Everyday Life

Dr. Cooney’s wellness tools and resources, including her CreationStation and Soul Therapy programs, are crafted to empower individuals in their healing journey. These tools offer daily support and strategies to enhance resilience and emotional balance. Engaging in these resources helps individuals harness their innate strengths and foster an environment of growth and wellness.

LiveYourROAR and OneDegreeShift: Pathways to Self-Empowerment

LiveYourROAR represents a transformative philosophy that encourages breaking free from past limitations and embracing true self-empowerment. This approach aligns with the principles of positive psychology which emphasizes personal strengths and virtues as means for improving mental health. According to Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi (2000), fostering positive traits can significantly uplift one’s quality of life.

Similarly, OneDegreeShift, another cornerstone of Dr. Cooney’s methodology, focuses on small yet impactful changes that cumulatively transform lives. This concept is echoed in the theory of marginal gains, which posits that minor incremental improvements in any process will cumulatively lead to a significant enhancement (Clear, 2021).

Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Energy Transformation

Integrating psychotherapy and counseling with energy transformation techniques, Dr. Cooney’s approach addresses both the cognitive and energetic patterns of her clients. This integration facilitates a deeper understanding and transformation of the energies that often underpin emotional distress.

The Role of Life Coaching in Personal Growth

Life coaching, a core component of Dr. Cooney’s offerings, provides a structured and supportive environment for exploring personal challenges and aspirations. It’s about crafting a vision for one’s life that includes not only achievements but also personal satisfaction and happiness. The International Coaching Federation highlights life coaching’s role in improving focus, providing direction, and enhancing self-awareness, all crucial for long-term emotional resilience.


In conclusion, Dr. Lisa Cooney’s unique blend of psychotherapy, counseling, and transformational techniques offers a holistic path to emotional wellness and self-empowerment. Her programs like LiveYourROAR and OneDegreeShift are not just about overcoming trauma; they are about making a paradigm shift in how one perceives and interacts with the world. Through her tailored online sessions and diverse wellness tools, Dr. Cooney facilitates a journey of recovery and self-discovery, empowering her clients to not only recover from past wounds but also to build a resilient and joyful future. For more such engaging reading experience please visit our blog section.

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On a more serious note, connecting with your body is very rewarding and often avoided.聽I am a thinker and getting into a routine with my body, my self and my creations took work for awhile and NOW, it's a morning routine that I just can't miss.

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