Life After Abuse (Part 2): Welcome To Radical Aliveness

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Imagine waking up with a spring in your step, happy to be alive and ready to see what else is possible for the day. From start to finish, your day is full of choice based on your desires. From that desire, everything is possible and you are a generative and creative magnet. People love to be around you. You change the energy of everything around you just by being you.

Your relationships are based in communion and harmony. They are fun, easeful, joyful and mutual. Your body is healthy and vibrantly alive. You are energized. You have a special glow about you.

Your business is booming and the collaborators you have laugh and join with you in whatever you are creating. Each day is a new possibility of receiving money, support and possibilities.

Life is a joyous adventure. Laughter and lightness infuse your body. You are amazed to feel such an alliance with yourself.

People ask you what you did to change you and you respond with, “I chose me and happiness and created what I knew was possible.”

Inspiring, isn’t it?

Let me introduce you to the keys to unlock yourself from the invisible cage of abuse, so you, too, can walk across the bridge and experience Radical Aliveness.

The 4C’s: Choose, Commit, Collaborate & Create

The 4C’s are keys that will unlock you from the lie and limitations you once bought into, and the destructive cycle that perpetuated your earlier abuse.

1. Choose You

What does it mean to “choose you”?

You know what it’s like when you’re in a relationship with someone and you do everything in support of them and not you?

That is an example of you NOT choosing you. When you do for others at the expense of yourself you are making them more important than you. This is what happens in abuse: your desires and needs become irrelevant.

Yet when you choose you, your needs and desires become important. You become a priority. You begin creating your life.

When you choose you - you can still be generous and be there for other people yet NOT at the expense of you. You include yourself in all your choices and relationships.

What might you create when you choose you?

2. Commit to You

When you commit to yourself, you commit to never giving in, never giving up, and never letting anyone or any- thing stop you. It’s you committing to you to choose you every moment, every day.

In other words: you don’t quit. Ever.

My tenacity to overcome the first two decades of my life and all the abuse I experienced came from this place of committing to me. Once I realized that I was living in a cage of abuse and that there was something I could choose beyond the cage, I vowed to never quit till I was out of the cage and on the other side of the bridge from it.

I also vowed to empower as many others as possible to unlock themselves from the cage of abuse by choosing themselves and committing to their own lives as well.

When you commit to yourself, you commit to being all of you in all of your relationships. You don’t separate from yourself to try to please or accommodate others. As you commit to you, you’re more available to commit to others in harmonious, mutually satisfying ways.

What might you create when you commit to you?

3. Collaborate with the Universe

Like I shared earlier, when you’re inside the cage of abuse you may feel like you’re paddling upstream and always confronting a struggle, obstacle or catastrophe.

You may feel like the world is out to get you.
I believed that for a long time, too. I thought everyone was against me. I thought I had to do everything myself.

Yet I’m here to tell you: that is all a lie.

The Universe is actually conspiring to bless you. The Universe is actually rooting for your greatest joy and success.

When you collaborate with the Universe, you open yourself to receiving the contribution and support of all the different people and possibilities that DESIRE to give to you. You can use the questions I share to open up to another kind of conversation with the Universe.

When you are willing to ask, and receive, you will discover that there is so much more available to you in creating your life.

What might you create when you collaborate with the Universe?

4. Create Your Life

What is fun for you? What lights you up?

How might your life be different if you created your life for you?

What would you choose for you when you’re not focused on making other people your biggest priority?

When you keep tapping into what you desire and allow that to be your biggest priority, you will create an inspiring and expansive life for yourself. You will be the creator, rather than the destroyer of your life.

And truly, how does it get any better than that?

Using the 4C’s gets you out of the cage of abuse and across the bridge into Radical Aliveness, one step at a time, one choice at a time.

So rather than destroying your life, you are creating your life.

You must first choose to question the cage, and to see that it is made up of lies and limitations that are not true for you. You must be willing to let go of the old patterns of “I can’t,” “I don’t know what to do,” and “Something is wrong with me.”

As you question the cage and ask what else is possible, you begin walking out of the cage and across the bridge to another possibility. The desire for something beyond the cage of abuse is the fuel that will carry you forward.

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