Wellness Tools and Resources: Enhancing Your Mental Health Journey

 In the pursuit of mental health and emotional wellness, the journey is as unique as the individual undertaking it. For those navigating the complexities of personal growth, trauma recovery, or simply seeking to enhance their psychological resilience, Dr. Lisa Cooney offers an array of wellness tools and resources designed to support and empower. Engaging with these tools can significantly shift your trajectory from surviving to thriving.

The Power of Transformational Healing and the ROAR Method®

At the core of Dr. Lisa Cooney’s approach is the revolutionary ROAR Method®, a dynamic technique that assists individuals in breaking free from the chains of past traumas and stepping into a state of Radical Alive Orgasmic Reality. This method isn't just about coping; it's about transforming. By confronting and releasing the heavy burdens of unresolved issues, participants find themselves more capable of living fully and freely. The psychological basis for techniques like the ROAR Method® is well-supported in literature, such as Rothschild's exploration in "The Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment" (2000).

Harnessing Online Therapy Sessions and Self-Empowerment Programs

In our increasingly digital world, access to help has become more flexible through online therapy sessions. These sessions are tailored to fit into your lifestyle, providing support when and where you need it. Coupled with self-empowerment programs, Dr. Cooney’s online offerings are designed to propel you toward personal mastery and emotional resilience. Studies have validated the effectiveness of online therapeutic interventions, with Barak et al. (2008) in "A Comprehensive Review and a Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Internet-Based Psychotherapeutic Interventions" offering extensive evidence of their benefits.

Engaging with Personal Growth and Resilience Workshops

For those who thrive in interactive environments, Dr. Cooney’s global workshops offer a chance to dive deeper. These sessions vary from intensive therapy retreats focused on trauma and abuse recovery to lighter, more explorative seminars on energy transformation and spiritual growth. Each workshop is an opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals while learning strategies to enhance your wellness and resilience. The benefits of such interactive, group-based therapy settings are analyzed in Scott Miller’s works on therapeutic efficacy.

Utilizing Wellness Tools: From ThetaHealing® to Life Coaching

The wellness tools available through Dr. Cooney’s practice range from psychoeducational resources to practical techniques in energy healing and life coaching. Techniques such as Basic and Advanced DNA ThetaHealing® and the ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper courses offer insights into modifying subconscious beliefs, pivotal in manifesting change and fostering an environment of abundance and well-being. Vianna Stibal’s "ThetaHealing: Introducing an Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality" outlines the principles and claimed benefits of ThetaHealing® techniques.

Personalized Resources at Creation Station and OneDegreeShift

For those who prefer a self-directed approach to healing, Dr. Cooney’s Creation Station and OneDegreeShift platforms provide resources that can be tailored to individual needs. From downloadable guides and self-paced learning modules to video-guided courses, these resources are designed to help you make meaningful shifts in your life, focusing on personal empowerment and overcoming limitations. The importance of personalized resources in mental health is supported by literature emphasizing personalized medicine approaches, such as in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry.

The Role of Emotional Wellness in Everyday Life

The journey towards emotional wellness is integral to achieving a balanced, fulfilling life. Utilizing the right tools and resources, such as those offered by Dr. Lisa Cooney, can make a significant difference. It's not just about overcoming past traumas; it's about building a future where you are in command of your emotions and actions, leading to a more joyful and satisfying life. This assertion is backed by various reports from the World Health Organization on mental health improvements and their social impact.


Your path to mental health and emotional wellness is a personal journey that deserves a personalized toolkit. With Dr. Lisa Cooney’s vast array of resources, from the ROAR Method® to ThetaHealing® and beyond, you are equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities of your mental health journey. Remember, every step taken is a move towards a more empowered and radically alive version of yourself.

Embarking on this journey with the right tools isn’t just an act of healing; it’s an act of revolutionizing your entire being. Let’s take that step forward, together, towards a life where your wellness and happiness are not just possible but are actively pursued and achieved.

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