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ROAR Affiliate

What is a ROAR Affiliate? 

If you feel like creating an extra revenue stream for you and contribute to your life and the world at the same time is something you would like to do, then continue reading this, please... 


1- Become an Affiliate 


2- What is the benefit to be a ROAR Affiliate? 

  • It’s a real opportunity to create extra revenue for you. The more people use your links, the more $$$ you will create for you. 
  • Commissions available for products up to 5%
  • Affiliates are paid when they cumulate $100.00 USD in their Affiliate account. Example: if you create $66.00 USD for all month of July, you won’t be receiving money. If in August you create $50.00 USD, then you will be paid $66.00 USD + $50.00 USD = $106.00 USD 
  • Affiliate is paid every first week of the following month. For example, if you shared links in July and cumulate more than $100.00 USD, you will be paid the first week of August. 


3- Where to find what products are coming next? 

  • We created a special Facebook Group to accompany you and respond to your questions. Please, join the FB group called ROAR Connection. We will share all information about the new products and regular reminders. 

This group is your MAIN resource. Please, feel free to invite anyone that also wants to be an Affiliate to join the Facebook group. Thank you for your contribution. 


4- Where to share your link? 

ANYWHERE!!!! (WhatsApp group, Facebook Group, Emails list, phone calls, Telegram, Instagram...) And please, always respect others. DO NOT bring the energy of competition into this! It will destroy your creations and will not contribute to anyone. 


Promoting is NOT about pushing the energy into someone; it’s about being a contribution and an invitation for all! For example, DO NOT sell a product, but share YOUR experience with Dr. Lisa. Give an example of what she changed for you and your life, what benefit she brings into your life every time you receive from her calls or classes... etc. 


IMPORTANT: Always TAG Dr. Lisa in your Social Media posts, please!!! Thanks! 


There are many strategies to use when it comes to promoting: 

For example, you could share in your groups FREE content on a regular basis about Dr. Lisa (there is plenty on YouTube, her Facebook, or Instagram) to contribute to people and allow them to receive more from Dr. Lisa. Like creating a sense of community... You could do/share a post every week with all your network with any free content of Dr. Lisa, and when come a new product (class or call), you can do a Special post “did you know?” and promote the class or call at that moment 

You could do a post called “My Recommendation of the Week and talk about one product of Dr. Lisa... Why it is interesting for you, why you wanted people to know about...etc Without selling, just inviting people to know about it. Then put your affiliate link at the end and let it be. 

Create your own way! You are unique. 


Be You! Beyond Anything! Create Magic! Thank you. 


Dr. Lisa

⮚ Any questions please contact us at [email protected]  

⮚ Or check our website at