Work 1:1 with Dr. Lisa Cooney, world renowned psychologist and leader in new and innovative techniques in facing challenges and creating a great life.

Dr. Lisa has not only survived years of abuse on many levels, she built a pathway for others to know they matter, know they deserve, and action steps to creating beyond what has happened.

With all Dr. Lisa has experienced, she’s used every tool that she facilitates to better her life.  She’s raw, she’s real and she sticks with it all the way through.



If you are NOT seeing an opening for a session, PLEASE reach out to my team and they will manually schedule you.

It is important to me that we continue the work we started and I am working with my team and my schedule.  We may not always have the availability as my schedule is busier than ever, but we will work with you to meet your needs and continue your healing journey together.

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Digital Classes 

These classes use the ROAR® technique and tools to unlock you from limitation.

Are you up for the challenge? 

This mini challenge will introduce you to the 4C's,  (Choose, Commit, Collaborate, & Create) and how you can use them to create anything.

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Get of of the daily struggles

Using the basic ROAR® technique Dr. Lisa will explore daily topics and how to get unstuck from them.

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Are you tired of feeling stuck?

The next level of ROAR® is a taking action with a One Degree Shift™. This compliments the break throughs you've had with ROAR® or as a stand alone daily practice.

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