Anger, Part Three

Jul 20, 2021


Styles of Anger

Some people blow up. Some people go cold and numb. Still others glaze over, and act like nothing happened.

My mom had her style. I talk about her a lot, I know, but that angry streak used to terrify me. 

It was calm and demanding. Everything I did was short of her standards, just always...not good. Sometimes she would order me to find the flaws in my own work! There was always something I did wrong.

My mind would overload. And that’s a normal response to anger - I’d get scared, and disappear into withdrawal to self-protect. Ironically, the person getting angry is behaving the same way, lashing out in self-protection.


Did you know expectations lead to anger? 

When you’ve set an expectation, you’ve already...

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Anger, Part Two

Jul 13, 2021


"Notice what you're feeling in your body, what it’s telling you?”

- Dr. Lisa Cooney

Walking on Eggshells

So, any volcanoes in your life?
If you know, you know.

I’m talking about people you encounter and...oh boy, that vibe, that look in their eyes. Your shoulders just hunch up.

You start tiptoeing, avoiding the slightest disturbance, anything that would cause an explosion of temper.

And, of course, sometimes it’s still not enough.

I used to do this with my mom. I really don't like tiptoeing either. Being in that hyper-vigilance is hard, it takes a toll on your body. Your hormones, your cortisol levels - anticipation and reactivity manipulate these body processes. It’s hard on a person physically.

What to do?

That being said, your body is your friend when it...

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Jul 06, 2021





"Frustration is the experience - anger is the feeling. Which applies to you?"  

- Dr. Lisa Cooney

Anger, the Orphan Nobody Will Claim 

Ah anger. 

Something I’ve found with my clients is that nobody wants to own anger. 

The only problem there is that anger then owns them! And it can be so destructive. 

Blowing your top feels good for a moment, but then comes the cleanup. And that’s a pain. 

The weird thing? 

Anger is a lie.  

It’s getting swept up in a story that’s limited. 

What is the real structure of anger?  

Let’s get into it...


Anger Versus Frustration 

Now my clients DO talk about frustration. 

Frustration is an experience, while anger is a feeling. 

Anger is the source. 

And being a feeling, anger lasts: it reverberates,...

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Having Fun on July Fourth!

Jul 02, 2021

As we celebrate July 4 let's talk about fun! 

Also, let’s talk about SAFETY. 

Maybe you're 

  • hosting a party
  • going to a party
  • party-hopping
  • bar-hopping 

Maybe you're even driving. 

And maybe you're drinking, too. 

Let’s talk about that...


A Unique Time

I'm noticing things are pretty squirrelly right now. 

I think it's because of the pandemic, but also because of shortages - supplies and workers. Plus even deliveries take longer. 

I do believe change is good, but this is a different deal. This is an overall environmental stress. 

There's a temptation to hit the bottle or the food, just to have instant gratification - we find freedom through those means when the other ways aren't available. You haven't been able to go out with friends, but there's always pizza delivery! 

Or maybe this weekend you'll be at a number of different parties, and you have a drink at each one. 

That quickly leads to...driving while...

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Choosing Your Financial Reality

Jun 29, 2021




"Are you creating the $$$ you truly desire in your life?" 

- Dr. Lisa Cooney


How good can your financial well-being get? 

How do your finances make you feel? 

What if you have much more of a say in how finances go for you? 

Consider the words of Andrea, a participant in CREATING YOUR FINANCIAL REALITY - a two-day class - COMING UP JULY 6 and 7.


Andrea’s Shift 

At the beginning of 2020 I did not have a sustainable income - money was a constant worry. 

Dr. Lisa was offering a nine-week program about money. I thought, “well, it certainly wouldn’t hurt!” 

Actually, I had several thousand Euros to pay back between a loan and my credit cards.


Finding Courage to Pursue Something Real 

After the...

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What Happens When You Spread Your Wings?

Jun 22, 2021




"Everything about this call is magic.” 


Open Your Eyes 

Break Free and Spread Your Wings is your introduction to the ROAR® technique! 

It’s just 90 minutes, but that’s plenty of time to see ROARing up close. 

During Spread Your Wings and Break Free the energy of life creates something, right before our eyes!


How Does It Work? 

I select a participant, and perform the ROAR® technique on them. 

Right then and there! 

You get to watch the whole thing unfold. 

Nothing beats witnessing the transformation live. 

Let’s hear a testimonial: 

Everything about this call was magic. The moment invited me to acknowledge the potent creator that I am. 

Starting with how I knew I would be on...

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Being Friends with Our Bodies

Jun 15, 2021




"Do you ever feel like you are at war with your body?" 

- Dr. Lisa Cooney


The War Inside

Judging our bodies, ignoring our bodies’s desires, and putting other people’s needs ahead of our own - often to the point of starving ourselves of physical comfort - these are symptoms of disconnection from our own physical well-being. 

Sometimes we are in sustained war with ourselves, even. 

I see this all the time. I see it in clientele, and I see it in the world around me.


Our Feelings Manifesting in Our Bodies

Often the hard feelings of abuse produce a divorce from our bodies. 

We’re invisible when the abuse occurs, and we stay unfeeling like we’re still invisible, like we don’t matter. 

We stay in judgmental,...

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Eating Disorders

Jun 08, 2021




"Its like you have a different set of eyes looking at you." 

- Dr. Lisa Cooney


Imbalance With Food 

I’ve worked with a lot of clients with eating disorders, especially the classics of bulimia and anorexia. I had symptoms and behaviors consistent with these dis-eases as well. 

To rid my anger from my body, I binged and purged regularly. 

To counteract that effect, I starved myself to compensate. 

A vicious cycle for years. 

Let’s talk about food...and love…and a new perspective…



Anorexics look like they’re starving themselves. 

From working with these clients I’ve learned they’re starving themselves of life itself. 

Starving themselves of friends, of...

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Conscious Eating

Jun 01, 2021




"Do you ever feel overwhelmed just opening the refrigerator?!" 

- Dr. Lisa Cooney


Refrigerator Confrontations 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed just opening the refrigerator?! 

I get it! 

That was me for so long… “I don’t know what to do with that food… Let’s do some Oreos instead!” 

Or how about a one-pound meatball? That was a recipe left over from my mom. We ate everything “family style,” and that portions! Screw the portions! 

I don’t think I chewed food until my 30s. Straight inhaling! 

You know the results. It was discomfort, a myriad of illnesses, overweight. 

Eventually it led me to new food decisions. Through trial and error, I’ve learned a few...

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Getting Open About Mood Swings

May 25, 2021




"Say hi to your body." 

- Dr. Lisa Cooney


No laughing matter 

Mood swings are actually pretty serious. But there are different levels. 

If you’ve been diagnosed bipolar, see a psychiatrist. It is a real and serious matter, worth the attention. 

And if you think you might be bipolar, get yourself tested. See a psychiatrist, and provide the information necessary to them. 

Don’t worry about it - just get the information. 

The good news know whether you need to go that route. 

Deep mood swings - from extreme dark to extreme light - are potentially something psychological that needs to be dealt with chemically. Just go and find out. Once you know what you are dealing with, the plethora of solutions from your...

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