Never discount yourself. You don’t have to discount yourself for any relationship or any business relationship.

Dec 28, 2020

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Sometimes the hardest thing to admit is what it is we truly desire, what we really care about, and what makes your heart sing. It can be like catching a butterfly.

It really seems like I’m chasing a butterfly sometimes!

There’s such a clatter of voices inside us: the need to be responsible, the need to plan, the need to cover expenses next month and the one after, even the need to get something from the grocery store!

Those voices silence desire.

But there’s such a fine line between creating our life and missing out on living.

Each day there’s something inside you that wants to stand up and be heard. How is your practice of honoring that?

Maybe it’s the voice of a loving, patient spouse; the voice of a budding artist; the voice of a great parent; the voice of a leader at work. It might even...

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Getting rid of the 'not you' to find the 'you'

Dec 21, 2020

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I have a friend who spent two years in grad school, pursuing his master’s degree.
He strutted right into this chapter of life. It was such a great idea! A responsible idea.

Fancy educational pedigree!
Better job titles in the near future!
New connections with classmates and professors!
A vibrant East Coast setting!

The school even gave him some grant money. And he arranged a job on campus that came with free room and board.

It seemed to fit with his career trajectory too. He’d been working as a writer in the news business, seeing his words read on television many nights.

And before the news business he was a high school English teacher abroad, a job he chanced into through a friend. He kept a bag packed by the door and traveled throughout Eastern Europe on weekends, returning by Sunday evening to get ready for...

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